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Bathroom Remodel: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

It is estimated that $3.94 billion was used as home improvement expenditure in the US in 2018.

Bathroom remodels are among the most popular types of home renovations. This is because they have one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to home improvement projects. 

Depending on the scope of work, remodeling your bathroom can be an expensive and hectic process. To cut costs, you might want to take a do it yourself approach when doing minor renovations.

But before you take your toolbox out, it is important to determine if your skills are enough for the task ahead.

In this article, we shall look at some of the things that will inform the decision on whether you should DIY or hire a contractor.

Purpose of the Renovation

Before you start off, it is important to consider the results you need.

If you are looking to sell your house, a bathroom remodels can be one of the most effective ways of increasing its value.

In such situations, it is better to hire a contractor. To really draw the most value from it, the job needs to be done with the highest standards possible.

The quality of finishing can significantly impact a buyer’s decision.

As years run by, some aspects of your bathroom can start falling apart. Some of the most common damages in bathrooms that require repair include broken cabinet doors, busted pipes, loose tiles, and even leaks in the wall.

For such kinds of repairs, a do it yourself approach may suffice.

Unless your goal for remodeling is to increase the value of your property or giving your bathroom a modern and stylish look, a DIY approach can work.

However, you should be sure of the entire scope of work to be done. Any undetected issues that you may not be able to handle can cause a lot of damage.

Savings vs. Inconvenience

Doing your own renovations can save you some money on labor costs. However, taking on the job has many inconveniences.

Small repair jobs that can be completed in one weekend will not present a huge challenge.

On the other hand, if the work needed to be done is a lot, it may take you a few weeks or even months to complete.

Before you take up such a project, it is important to consider whether the money you will save will be worth using a makeshift bathroom.

Nature of the Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be very tricky. Especially if it involves upgrades of several components.

Changing cabinets and replacing tiles may be great DIY projects but a complete overhaul may end up being a lot more than you bargained for.

There are issues that arise during the renovation that requires caution. When dealing with piping and wiring, for example, you may be better off hiring a contractor.

Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovations

Other than making your bathroom look stylish, renovations also help ensure the safety and health of your family. Let us look at some of the signs that your bathroom renovation is long overdue.

Evident Damage and Smell of Mildew

There is no better indication that you need to renovate your bathroom than noticing several components falling apart. Any smell of mildew is an indication that there is a leak.

One or two issues can be handled without a major overhaul.

These include fixing cracked tiles or waterproofing showers. Learn more about bonding techniques here before you start.

However, if such problems are recurrent, you may need to start considering a long term solution.

Low Storage Space

There a lot of personal effects and bathroom necessities that require storage space within the bathroom.

As your family grows, this space may seem like it’s shrinking by the day. This could, in turn, make your bathroom feel cramped.

A renovation may be necessary to ensure the storage space is sufficient for your needs.

Looks Outdated

At times you do not have to wait for things to fall apart for you to fix them. If your bathroom looks a little dated and you can’t recall having any repairs done, it may be time to consider major changes.

Sometimes there may be issues hiding below the surface waiting to explode.

Rather than wait to fix an emergency, it would be better to renovate early and give your bathroom a facelift.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

You can save a lot of money by handling your own remodeling project, but there are also some benefits you will get from hiring a contractor.

Design Expertise

A professional contractor has a lot of experience that helps with the creative aspect of your remodel. With a few suggestions and tweaks to your plan, they can make the layout more appealing, efficient, and with more room for storage.

A contractor will also come with insight into the current market trends. This includes new designs, finishing techniques, and even the prices of fittings.

Insight on Permit Requirements

Depending on the extent of work you want to be done to your bathroom, you may require permits.

By hiring a contractor, you will know if it is needed and other regulations you should consider. Additionally, you will also get the assistance of getting the permits as well as navigating inspections.

Energy Efficient Bathroom

It is important to be Eco-conscious when renovating your bathroom. This will help save you money and the planet.

The fixtures you choose will not only impact the initial cost of renovating but also utility costs in the future. With the guidance of a contractor, you will be able to make wiser decisions.

Swift Project Completion

When you hire a contractor, you will be sure that the work will progress even when you are not around. Not unless something else arises as the project is ongoing, you should have a fully renovated bathroom in a short period of time.

Should You DIY or Hire a Contractor?

The purpose and the scale of the work you want to be done during the remodeling should help you determine whether to DIY or hire a contractor.

You can glove up for the minor tasks but be careful not to take make matters worse. You can end up increasing the damage as well as the costs.

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