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Beach Vacation Beauty Essentials

When it comes to the beach, you should pack some beach vacation beauty essentials. If you’re like a lot of people, cold weather has you dreaming of the vacations that you’re going to be taking this summer, and if you’re like 30% of people, you’re heading to the beach even in the dead of winter – somewhere where the climate is warm and welcoming. While planning a vacation and packing for it can be a source of dread or stress, it doesn’t need to be, especially when it comes to the beach vacation beauty essentials you’ll bring.

What Are Some Beach Vacation Beauty Essentials?

The beach presents unique opportunities to utilize not just your makeup but other products like skincare and fragrance for all the activities you’ll partake in. The following are all the essentials you need in your beach bag.


It goes without saying that SPF is a critical part of your beach vacation beauty essentials list, but what you may need to know is that you need a separate SPF for your delicate facial skin that you’ll use on the rest of your body. There are also rules when applying SPF; you want to reapply every time you get out of the water, whether that’s the ocean or the pool. You also want to reapply if you’re enjoying activities that cause you to sweat a lot, like taking a stroll along a boardwalk or hiking in the local forests and Parks. Even if you’re wearing a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF during the summer, you need a standalone SPF on your face underneath any makeup.

Lip Balms 

Our lips are one of the first places to show wear and tear when it comes to weather, from cold to beach weather; the harsh seaside air and saltwater can take a toll on your lips if you’re not protecting them. Safeguard your pout by opting for a lip moisturizer that has long-lasting capabilities. If you want to stay selfie-ready on your vacation, you can also accomplish this through a tinted lip moisturizer. Just make sure, no matter what, you’re protecting those lips! So, do not forget to include lip balms in your beach vacation beauty essentials.

Coconut Perfumes 

Nothing says vacation vibes like the smell of coconuts, so go nuts with your favorite coconut perfume. Coconut is the perfect essence to keep you in vacation mode as you enjoy the oceanside and other excursions. It’s also elevated enough to compliment your nights out on the town when you’re dressing up and enjoying yourself. Coconut has also been shown to be a scent that helps with anxiety and eases tension, so if you’re feeling jet lagged, have partied too hard, or are just tense about travel itineraries, it’s the perfect addition to your beach beauty bag.

Cleansing Wipes 

There are many times on vacation when we’re too exhausted to pack in our entire nighttime skin routine when we return to the hotel room. Instead of falling asleep with your makeup on (that’s a major no-no), pack some no-rinse cleansers, aka makeup wipes, to make taking the day off a breeze. You may not be able to commit to your typical skincare routine while you’re vacationing, but wipes are essential to keeping your complexion clear while out of town. In addition to facial cleansing wipes, body wipes are excellent as they can help you wipe away sweat and layers of SPF, even sand, in a cinch!

Reusable Water Bottle 

Hydration is key no matter what time of year or where you are, but when you’re enjoying sunny days in a hot climate, staying hydrated is one of the keys to looking and feeling your best. Keep sustainability and beauty in mind by including a stainless steel reusable water bottle in your beach bag. You’ll be glad you have it when you are thirsty, and your skin will thank you for retaining moisture even in the salty sea air.

Some women decide not to wear makeup on vacation, and while commendable, it’s not realistic for most people. Including the above beach vacation beauty essentials items in your beach bag will make you feel great and protect your skin. While beaches are beautiful, the conditions can dry out your skin, and too much sun causes fine lines, premature aging, and other skin concerns like Melasma. Honor your health with the above beauty essentials. Life is a beach; enjoy it!

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