Beauty Mistakes to Avoid For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to dryness, itchiness, redness and a burning sensation. Therefore, you should be careful about what you use on it to keep away from harm. Unfortunately, it may be irritated by the product, which is normally not a problem with normal skins. This is where most of the people with sensitive skin make a mistake. They are not careful when selecting beauty products and routines just because other people use the same. lists some of the beauty mistakes to avoid.

Using New Products Too Quickly

New products are being churned into the market after every while. Consumer adverts make you want to try that new formulation for better skin. However, very few people check if the product is okay for sensitive skin. Besides, even if it is rated safe for sensitive skin, it is always to slowly use new products and test them on a concealed part of the skin beforehand. If there is no negative reaction after 24 hours, the product is safe for use.

Besides, dermatologists advise people to add only a single new product in a week. This way, if you experience some adverse reaction on the skin, you will tell the product that caused it and stop using it. Unfortunately, most people are too fast to use new formulation, leading to skincare nightmares.

Overdoing it When Using Skincare Products

Most people are always looking for the next best thing to improve their skin, tone, and ability to stay moisturised and radiant. This way, they end up buying too many products to accomplish their beauty goals. According to, consider a few brands that provide skincare for sensitive skin. They include moisturizer, serum, daily cleanser and a facemask. You may have an additional product to treat a specific condition such as acne, dryness, rosacea, or itchiness. Applying too many layers of products causes a negative reaction, even where each of the products is safe to use.

Using the Wrong Kind of Sunscreen

Using sunscreen as part of your outdoor beauty routine is vital for protecting the skin from UV rays. Unfortunately, many of the people with sensitive skin end up using the wrong kind of sunscreen. The right sunscreen is the one that offers broad-spectrum protection (against the UVA and UVB), is water-resistant and has an SPF of at least 30. Some chemical sunscreen brands contain ingredients such as homosalate, avobenzone and oxybenzone that may damage sensitive skin.

On the other hand, mineral sunscreens contain such active ingredients as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that may not affect your skin. This is the type recommended by dermatologists. You will find several Sond skin products with this formulation for your selection.

Using Products that are Not Dermatologist Approved

You will notice that some of the products come with ‘approved by a dermatologist’ inscription on the package. This means that a dermatologist has checked the product and passed it as safe for use with the skin type indicated. However, very few products have a certification mark. Some products may be meant for use with sensitive skin but still irritate your skin. Therefore, it is important to have your dermatologist’s approval when making a switch as you get expert advice on the choice. There are also Sond skin products that are dermatologist approved.

Sleeping with the Makeup

Sometimes you come home late at night exhausted and head straight to the bed. Unfortunately, leaving the makeup on your face at night increases your skin’s chances of being irritated by morning. Makeup also covers the skin pores making it hard for your skin to breathe and rejuvenate when you are at rest. This may also cause breakouts and accelerate the aging of your skin. It is best that you remove all makeup before you head to bed. Follow your skin cleansing routine and right Sond products to keep it fresh all night long.

You are Going for Clean Beauty

There is a practice called clean or natural beauty where people toss away their existing products in favour of organic products. The practice is based on the notion that herbal or organic products do not contain ingredients that might damage sensitive skin. Unfortunately, many of the products contain ingredients that may damage your sensitive skin. Besides, the word organic or herbal is not a regulated term. Therefore, you cannot tell how much of the herbal ingredients are available in the product. It is in your best interest to avoid any herbal beauty product that is not certified for use with your sensitive skin. On the other hand, do not just go for any essential oil for the skin. Most people have problems with lavender and tea tree oils, among others. advises on the use of oils that are recommended by a dermatologist. Here you find the specialists at

Be careful with the products that you pick for your sensitive skin. Follow your dermatologist guidelines to take proper care of your skin. Strictly go for products meant for your type of sensitive skin and follow the tips indicated above. You may find quality Sond products to use on your skin.

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