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5 Things to Do Before You Sell Junk or Salvage Cars

Do you have a car that’s come to the end of its useful life on the road?

There exists for salvage cars a staggering $900 billion market where rides that were once thought worthless become profitable. As a seller with junk cars you’d like to unload, there may not be a better time to take advantage.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the five easy tips for preparing your car (and yourself) for the aftermarket.

Let’s begin!

1. Go Through a Licensed Dealer

The first thing to remember when trying to get fast cash for cars that might be in your garage or driveway is to go through a licensed dealer. As one Brooklyn-based source notes, selling a car on your own can open you up to liabilities that you might not have expected.

Improper transfer of an automobile is one such liability, and it can come with its share of fines and penalties. Additionally, working through a licensed dealer gives you a judicial fallback if the deal goes sour or the dealer doesn’t make good on specific promises regarding the sale.

You can find out if your dealer is licensed by asking them and affirming their credentials. You might also try checking with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

2. Use the Options to Your Advantage

Something else you’ll want to do when you go to sell a junk car is to check multiple options. As a seller, the market truly favors you.

You can find a number of licensed junk dealers willing to pay you top-dollar for a car that you plan to sell. If you’re willing to put in the time to speak with multiple owners, you can choose among the best offers or use one offer to negotiate with others.

3. Retrieve or Junk Personal Items

If you’ve been using the car for quite some time, you almost certainly have personal items lurking. They’re in cupholders, under the radio, the sunglasses holder, floorboards, and under the seats.

Go over the ride with a fine-tooth comb before you take it to the dealer you’ve chosen. Keep what’s worth keeping, and junk the rest!

4. Ensure You Are Properly Disposing of the Car

Again, an improper transfer can cost you money, time, frustration, and potentially lead to legal troubles. Before selling to a salvage car yard, secure the title, cancel your insurance, retrieve your tags, and get the contract signed and notarized.

5. Secure Transport

Selling Brooklyn junk cars for the best deals could lead you all over the Kings County area, so you’ll want to arrange for after the sale. Consider calling an Uber or having a friend meet you at the dealership on the day that you hand the car over. Collect your cash, and go!

The Market for Salvage Cars Can Be Lucrative If You Know Where to Look

The salvage cars market can fluctuate in the amount of money that it can put into your pockets. With shortages of inventory, now is a great time to consider unloading that junk car on your property.

Before you do, however, make sure you’ve planned it out to ensure proper transfer of ownership and that any personal belongings stay with you. Also, use a licensed dealer to avoid potential hassles.

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