There are over 7,400 dispensaries in the US.

More and more dispensaries are popping up by the month as we see a growing acceptance of cannabis. Many people turn to cannabis for its pain-relieving and/or relaxing effects.

Are you wanting to visit a dispensary for the first time? It can be an overwhelming experience for any first-time visitors, so it’s important to do your research.

Read the quick guide below to know what to expect on your first visit.

Bring an ID and Cash

Bring an ID and Cash

Many dispensaries will check your age before you even enter. Even if you think you look 21 years or older, bring your ID with you. If it’s a medical marijuana dispensary, guarantee you have your card.

You’ll also want to have some cash on you. Not all dispensaries accept cards, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hop on Google and search for “dispensaries near me”. You’ll find a list of websites to check out. Click through the sites to see what form of payment each dispensary accepts.

Look at the Menu

As you explore the different dispensary sites, look through the different menus to get a sense of what you want before you go. There are typically large varieties of edibles, weed, and other marijuana products to select from.

Most sites offer short descriptions of the products. It’s important to read all the provided information if you’re new to these types of products. If you have any questions, ask an employee once you’re at the dispensary.

Are you going with a trusted friend? Ask them what they usually buy. They can offer guidance.

Think About Your Symptoms

Follow Medical Advice

Different strains of weed help with different symptoms. Some strains offer a calming effect, while other strains deliver stimulation. Create a list of symptoms you’d like to address with your products.

If the website doesn’t inform you of the symptoms that each strain helps with, bring the list to the dispensary. The employees can offer their best suggestions.

Start with small amounts for your first time. In case the strain doesn’t provide the relief you’re looking for, you don’t have to worry about wasting too much money.

You can always go back and get more if you love the products you selected!

Ask About Deals

Marijuana products can be pricey. Ask the employees about any deals they may be currently running.

You can even begin your dispensary internet search by exclusively looking for places offering great deals. There’s no shame in the money-saving game.

Spend time sifting through available deals. Don’t make too quick of a decision. Feel free to click here to learn more.

Visiting a Dispensary for the First Time

Bremerton dispensary

Many people feel either a sense of excitement or anxiety visiting a dispensary for the first time. It’s a visually stimulating experience with all of the available options.

Guarantee you have cash and an ID with you as you enter the dispensary. It’s best to do research on the menu and deals beforehand. Don’t be afraid to ask the employees any questions you may have.

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