There’s software on the market for truckers and owner-operators to take advantage of. Trucking technology is designed to not only make driving safer but reduce operating costs and boost customer satisfaction as well. One of the most appealing aspects of trucking technology is that it’s all direct and straightforward. Easy-to-use interfaces are paired with practical hardware that performs well and achieves end goals without a hitch. One such device is a GPS trailer tracker.

What Is Trailer Tracking?

Trailer Tracking

As it sounds, trailer tracking allows you to keep a real-time visual of your fleet. You will get updates on movement and be able to know where a trailer is at all times, no matter where it’s headed. Your trailers are your greatest investment. They hold your cargo, which makes the difference between taking home a paycheck or ruining a relationship with a customer. They expect their loads to reach them on time and in perfect condition. GPS tracking is one safety measure you can take to ensure their expectations are met.

Avoid Theft And Loss

Avoid Theft And Loss

Without any technology, you have to monitor fleets by hand and rely on drivers for routine updates. Depending on the size of your fleet, this can be a massive undertaking that undoubtedly results in miscalculations, errors, and even total losses. In the event of cargo theft, you have no way to locate where your trailer is or was last taken without a GPS. Trailer tracking software brings greater assurance to both you and your customers. If something ever goes wrong or someone tries to steal a trailer, you have much greater luck of recovering the load thanks to technology. Effective communication is essential for avoiding theft and loss as well and secure email services can help mitigate a data breach that can cause issues with your products, deliveries, and client interactions.

Save Time And Money

Save Time And Money

By having access to a trailer’s location at all times, fleet managers can provide better updates to their clients. In addition, they can reach out to drivers when they notice any stalls. You can increase margins by reading detention time reports and assessing driver behavior. This allows you to inform them of any unnecessary breaks and help them better utilize their time behind the wheel. Improving driver performance through trailer tracking also results in more on-time deliveries. This saves you money on fuel, improves customer retention, and leaves everyone happier.

Improve Incident Response Times

If a truck breaks down and the trailer has to be switched onto another rig, you can manage this much easier with GPS tracking. You must prepare your business for emergencies of all sizes and possibilities. You’ll know the precise map location of a trailer, be able to dispatch another driver, and have the delivery back in transit as soon as possible. By knowing where every driver is, which trailers are available, and who can pick up cargo, you can resolve situations much faster than if you had to manually call for assistance. Modern GPS trailer tracking gives you more than just access to map locations. You can total visibility over every driver and cargo; when something goes wrong or someone needs help, you can immediately provide assistance. Drivers also have a greater peace of mind knowing that they are always able to be located in times of need.

Use the Right Tools on the Job

It’s important that anyone completing a forklift task has the correct tools on hand and follows the correct processes for use. Clear signage should be provided around the warehouse, indicating potential hazards, correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all hazardous areas, and what action should be taken following an accident. Additionally, the use of a solid warehouse management system (WMS), including 3pl warehouse management system, will also help employees better understand onsite safety processes and procedures.

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