Since the beginning of the worldwide COVID outbreak, the popularity of event planning software has exploded. Today’s conventions and gatherings tend to be hybrid, necessitating a different tactic of planning and delivery. It’s also a smart option to have alternative options and be ready for tomorrow even though you don’t currently have a digital or blended event planned.

Congrats On Taking The First Step Towards Better Event Planning!

Today, we’ll examine what event planning software is, its necessity, and its multiple benefits.

What Is Event Planning Software And Why Do You Need One?

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For many businesses, holding memorable virtual events (conferences and seminars, among others) is an important marketing technique. It enables them to engage with their customers and inform audiences.

Live events are estimated to account for 24% of marketing’s annual spending. Most people anticipate devoting even more funds to similar activities in the longer run. However, meticulous planning is essential for an excellent event debut.

This is where event planning software comes in. It’s a tool that helps in organizing a carefully thought-out event – an effective marketing technique, which builds brand recognition and produces leads. It’s a highly effective method of involving your staff and improving productivity.

Without proper planning tools or mechanisms to monitor details, managing events can rapidly become daunting, from site reservation to cost budgeting and attendee recording.

Additionally, it’s usual for plans for professional events to change without warning. You may coordinate all your activities with the aid of event planning software. You needn’t shuffle among multiple apps since everything is kept in one location.

It can help you save precious hours. In fact, event planning software can save over 200 hours annually.

7 Ways In Which Event Planning Software Can Improve Your Event

Let’s now take you through some of the major benefits of event planning software.

1. Ensure Seamless Registration And Secure Your Event Venues

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Event planning software helps you with the smooth registration of choicest venues within minutes! It gives you access to booked events and enables you to track event space availability. It additionally allows you to immediately add new location reservations for solo venues or functions with several sites.

To ensure that you don’t have duplicate bookings, you can get time conflict warnings while synchronizing with e-calendars, such as Outlook or Google. Event planning software offers additional excellent functionalities – set aside times and venues for prospects permanently or set up times for conversations, appointments, walkthroughs, and demos.

Another feature called event diagramming enables you to organize the seating plans and floor layouts for your booked venue.

2. Increase Brand Engagement With High-Quality Attendees

With event planning software, give your premium attendees a say for enhanced brand engagement. Allow your participants to talk to one another, participate in conference settings, communicate with presenters, and express their opinions on multiple topics.

By providing a place where people may submit images, post comments, and publicly express their event-related perspectives, the tool facilitates attendee connection. You can even make it possible for your guests to converse with one another by using chat channels.

3. Save Time And Money

For your business and guests, consolidating all the responsibilities and chores into a fully virtualized platform saves significant hours. Your complete event happens inside the event planning software, saving you time from switching between registration, email marketing, and conferencing solutions.

Without the proper tools, organizing an operational budget or keeping track of spending can be challenging. Using a centralized platform will enable you to monitor every dollar coming in and going out, maximizing your ROI.

4. Customize Your Event As Per Your Needs

An important concern when planning an event is how to set it apart from others. Well, event planning software offers numerous customization options — such as personalizing the event’s logo, color palette, website, and application to meet your brand’s needs.

This aids with event branding as well. Your brand is reflected in the color combination you choose, the locations of your logos, the event site, and every other digital part of your session.

5. Promote Consistent Brand Messaging

Your audience observes the picture you protrude across the activity. They generate views about your ability every time they deal with your messaging, sessions, presenters, or branding. Event planning software helps you present your best self.

Utilizing a platform, especially for events shows your dedication to the overall event experience. All of your event’s organizers and participants will have a predictable, dependable, and consistent experience thanks to it. In addition, as they spend less time on administrative work, your entire team is completely free to interact with all the guests in more efficient ways.

6. Access Powerful Insights

Live surveys promote conversations with guests during the gathering to acquire their immediate responses to questions provided by facilitators or presenters. Additionally, Q&A sessions encourage audience participation and allow them to pick their favorite queries.

Emoji responses help you learn how people are feeling about your program. Encourage your audience to express their enthusiasm for the session they are experiencing. Finally, with surveys, get the opinions of your guests on how they found the activity. Send questionnaires following your event to gauge its success and determine what needs to be improved.

7. Create Multiple Events And Promote Them Through Multiple Channels

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Many event management applications utilize subscription pricing models. It’s a fantastic choice if you organize numerous events each year. Several events can be created and managed from a unified system.

This aids in improving the comprehension of your occurrences. You may easily replicate your occasion’s success for subsequent events after you become familiar with the entire process and identify what works well.

Another crucial element of the planning process is event promotion. You have to spread the news to draw in guests and optimize attendance.

Social media plays a huge role in our daily lives. As a result, there’re several channels available for successful event advertising, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and others, giving you a variety of options to market your activity. You can advertise your event through numerous mediums by using event management solutions.

You may design and schedule status updates, email flyers, and produce ads, posts, and visuals, among other things, while also designing an efficient marketing plan for your activity.

Ensure A Seamless And Professional Experience With Event Planning Software

Each and every of your virtual gathering’s tasks is condensed by merging several moving aspects of the activity under one roof, including enrollment, HR, administration, promotion, financing, and implementation. This gives work deputation to your employees, the outsourcing of particular event elements to outside vendors, & higher efficiency throughout the project’s planning.

Many features of event administration are simplified and streamlined by technology. In addition, in the age of digital events, adopting tools designed especially for such events help you boost the output of your virtual events.

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