Are you under attack from menacing mosquitoes and other insects that enter your home playing havoc with your peace? You may even have tried to use a lotion or spray to drive the mosquitoes and gnats off. Half an hour later, they’re back for revenge. Now the magnetic screen door may be the ally you need. A sliding screen door is elegant to look at while being robust too. 

Strong and Reliable

A storm door, as they are also known, is not the same as the next home depot screen doors. They’re available in different colors, different sizes and shapes and different warranties. Some even have additional reinforcement components that make them like a strong fortress against the wind. It’s why the Magzo screen door is so sought after.  

The Magzo door’s high-quality mesh lets the fresh air in and keeps the bugs out. While it measures 33 x 96 (H) inches, your particular door can be customized to fit your particular measurements. The beauty of these screen doors is that they are made of fiberglass material which means a storm door that is stronger, more reliable and more energy-efficient than other materials such as polyester or nylon, for instance.

The door has a Velcro hasp to ensure better reliability. If you’re having a heavy storm, the door ably manages the rain as it is waterproof.  

Your Pet’s Life Continues Uninterrupted

There are other benefits to be enjoyed with this fiberglass magnetic screen door because it is lighter and more beautiful than other doors. It opens easily and then automatically closes and seals when you’ve passed through it. If you have a 4-legged family member, then you don’t have to think these very attractive doors are not possible with you. A screen door with dog door is available so your furry friend can also go in and out as he has always done.   

It’s a Garage Door Too

Also, if you opt for the garage door, you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood. Once again the ease with which these magnetic screen doors work with your garage means that you and your pets can go in and out the garage as you like. 

The classic black color, the stylish appearance as well as the fact that the single or 2-car door is fireproof and also corrosion-resistant makes it a must-have. The door also installs in an instant and is just as readily removed as needed. If you need to use your garage more often, these doors keep fresh air and sunshine flowing in but the bugs remain out.  

An End to Insect Visitors

These magnetic screen doors over framed screen doors are designed to fulfill a particular requirement – to keep bugs out. The doors carry a guarantee and are a worthy investment if you want your home free of menacing insects.

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