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Benefits of Toothpaste Tablets Nowadays

Toothpaste in tablet form? Yes, that’s true. A brand new idea created to save on toothpaste tubes. A toothpaste tube, whether plastic of aluminum is not the easiest to recycle. But with toothpaste tablets, you don’t have to worry about recycling the tubes as the tablets come packaged in an environmentally friendly package. 

The trend of toothpaste tablets is catching up these days and is welcome for the benefits it can offer, and we compiled a list for it with the help of West 85th Dental.

A different experience for a good cause

Who would not love the experience of chewing a tablet and cleaning the teeth? These small tablets have made brushing fun. Just pop one of these into your mouth, and no squeezing the tube early morning. The tablets break up as you chew and you just need to brush as always. The kids are definitely going to love this one. 

Toothpaste tablets are becoming popular with increasing environmental awareness. Concerns about mounting plastic waste and its harmful effects on the environment are an important reason behind this innovation. These tablets also include natural ingredients and are great from the health perspective as well. While you can chew some of these toothpaste tablets, a few others should be activated using a wet toothbrush. 

Benefits of toothpaste tablets

This new version of toothpaste scores over the traditional ones. 

Sustainable -Toothpaste tablets are sustainable for long term use. Since they don’t come in a plastic tube, plastic usage is drastically eliminated when you use the tablets. Not only this, the tablets come in a product packaging that can be recycled, and this innovation is a great step to stave away 1 billion toothpaste tubes that pile up every year globally. 

Hygienic- When you chew a tablet, you don’t have to swipe the paste on the brush. And this makes toothpaste tablets a more hygienic option than regular toothpaste. Moreover, they are also less messy compared to the usual toothpaste. These tablets are also extremely convenient to use while traveling. 

Healthy – Most of the toothpaste tablets do not contain fluoride. So those who want to use fluoride-free pastes can switch to this healthier alternative. Also, the use of natural ingredients or avoiding fluoride does not affect their utility. They are as effective as traditional toothpaste in cleaning your mouth.

Chewtabs are the best and safe for your teeth

The CHEWTABS from Weldental are a great alternative to toothpaste. These toothpaste tablets are the only tablets without Silica. Enamel loss is common in using Silica because of its abrasive properties which get accelerated if the saliva is acidic. And since most of us have acidic saliva, Weldental Chewtabs are the safest toothpaste tablets available to use. 

These tablets come in glass bottles that can be refilled to eliminate container waste. The refills come in a batch of 180 tablets packed in three compostable bags each containing 60 tablets. The bags used are made from the plant material and the refills are finally packed in cardboard boxes. 

You can buy these environment-friendly Chewtabs from Amazon, organic markets, zero waste stores, or directly from the company’s website. 

Using Chewtabs is a great way to show you care for the environment and together we can make a difference.

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