When it comes to your mail, did you know that the best days to send letters and packages are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? If you’re wondering how much of your mail could get lost even on those days, around 0.51 percent of USPS mail goes missing on an annual basis.

Those odds aren’t too bad. But to lower the risk of missing mail happening at all, it’s a good idea to send certified mail. For less than five dollars, there are several assurances that come from sending mail this way.

There Is Proof of Mailing and Delivery

Proof of Mailing

Say there’s something that you need to send to the IRS. If there’s a deadline, you want proof that you sent it on time. Certified mail can give you that assurance.

You will receive a piece of paper that proves when the letter was sent. The letter will also require a signature upon delivery.

And what happens if you’re sending something to a P.O. Box? A note will be left stating that someone will need to come to the post office and sign for it. Certified mail offers proof of mailing, delivery, and that someone has received it.

Certified Mail Is Easy to Track

When you’re sending business mail, you and the person receiving mail need to be able to track it. Certified mail makes this possible.

Although there are other services that provide a tracking option, you are charged extra for it. With certified mail, it automatically comes with the service. You pay for it; you can click here for some certified labels, and you’ll immediately receive a tracking number.

The Record Retention Lasts Longer

types of mail

If you want to keep a record of the types of mail that you send, that’s another reason to go certified. The United States Postal Service keeps tracking numbers for other delivery services for four months. When you send something certified, it stays on record for two years.

That way, if your certified mail gets lost weeks or months later, you can still prove that it was sent (and received).

It’s Relatively Fast

Whether you’re sending mail or receiving mail that is business-related or time-sensitive, you don’t want it to take forever. That said, if it seems like USPS mail is slower, you’re right. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has slowed down about 40 percent of First-Class mail.

Still, if you want someone to receive mail from you in a quicker amount of time, you should go with sending it certified. If you send it First-Class, it should arrive within 2 to 5 business days. If you send it by Priority Mail, that should take between 2 to 3 business days.

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