A road trip always cuts both ways; it may be funny or stressful. Road trip planner apps can help you alleviate your stress to some extent by making you plan, organize, and manage the things both before and during your journey.

Smartphones, to a great extent, have revolutionized travelling significantly. On the Google play store, thousands of apps are available there to make effective and easy planning for travelling like booking flights and accommodations on the fly or browsing for restaurants, etc.

The following is a list of the best well-known road trip apps that can be easily downloaded on your Smartphone.

1. GasBuddy: for the closest gas station

No road trip can be even imagined without fuel. Fuel is a part and parcel of all kind of motor vehicles’ travelling. Your car can face fuel shortage on a road any time, so by the help of this app, you can find the closest gas station or the one with the lowest prices. You can find any brand of your choice like Shell or Stop & Shop.

Additionally, you need a gas station that has multi-offers like an ATM, restrooms, carwash, or a small grocery store.

GasBuddy app with cool and beneficial features is the Trip Cost Calculator. You simply have to input starting and ending locations plus the year with the model of your car. The app will automatically estimate the total cost of the trip.

This calculator has significantly increased the importance of the app for a road trip.

2. TV Food Maps: the Food Network

Food is an indispensable and inevitable part of travelling especially of a road trip. This app is very popular with foodies and food enthusiasts. This app will help you search your favourite food spots like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or various other food chains and drink shows on the television.

TV Food Maps is considerably designed to help the foodies follow their favorite show or browse for luscious restaurants nearby. If you are driving a bike with cheap motorcycle tires on, you may have to face the music even if you have the best app for a road trip.

3. Waze: Traffic Reports

Waze is highly reliable and efficient in giving you up-to-the-minute, user-sourced information on traffic, road accidents, obstacles, speed limitations, and police warnings. For discovering alternative routes through traffic-jam in alien cities, the app is matchless undoubtedly. A road is sometimes blocked by heavy vehicles having four wheeler tires. In this case, the app helps the travelers avoid adopting the totally jammed road.

4. Roadtrippers

This is one of the most popular apps with the wanderlusts who distinctively use this road trip app as a desktop. Roadtrippers let you add all of your gear list stops and suggests the suitable route for your favourite sights. The app is also utilized in order to estimate the cost of gas consumption and miles to cover a specific distance.

Roadtrippers is the distinctively built for the travelers, who have always itchy feet. It can support you in finding millions of locations, including local and outside attractions.  

5. HotelTonight

Hotel booking app HotelTonight is the considerably preferable app for selling unbooked hotel rooms around the world at discounted rates at the last minute. This app is very beneficial to find out the cheapest possible hotel fare.

HT has a direct relationship with hotels around the world. When these hotels need to book their rooms for the night, they contact HT for their availability. HT accepts their offers at super discounted rates up to 70%.

This app is specially designed as a sleek, sexy, and fun to use.

6. Spotify

Spotify is a musical based app that attracts people who love listening to songs. About 26 million people who use Spotify to listen to music regularly, you can probably control it remotely from your Android, iPhone, or other gadgets. You need not to have to tread over to your computer.Living in a golden age technology, you should leave no stone unturned to use these best trip planner apps for your lengthy expedition.

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