Did you know around 18 percent of sports fans will tailgate before a game? Some fans will spend on average around 200 dollars for the party.

If you want some budget tailgate party ideas, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over some fun tips for hosting your next party.

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1. Decorate Your Vehicle

Tailgate Party

Go wild with your creativity and decorate your vehicle before the tailgating party. Stick up a banner with your favorite team’s colors.

You can also ask others attending your party to decorate their vehicles as well.

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2. Create a Banner or Sign

Consider asking everyone coming to your party to create a tailgate banner.

You can create a banner quickly with some paper from a local craft store. Some people will pick up a blank banner.

You could also look at creating a sign from construction paper or poster board.

3. Serve a Meal on a Budget

Serve a Meal on a Budget

When shopping for your upcoming tailgate party, make sure you check out the flyers. Every grocery store releases a brochure with the weekly specials.

Try to check the flyers once a week. You can develop a menu based on what the sale is that week.

Burgers, chicken wings, and hot dogs are popular snacks for tailgating parties. Pick these up in the freezer section at your local grocer. You can get pre-seasoned wings.

To transport a massive amount of food, pick up foil pans with covers. Fill up the trays before the party.

4. Don’t Forget Snacks

Everyone loves to snack on salty or sweet treats during a tailgating party.

Pick up pretzels or popcorn before your party and put them in small baggies. This way, you can easily pass out portions of the treats to different attendees.

5. What About Dessert?

Surprise your partygoers with a delicious dessert. You can make cookies or cupcakes with custom food coloring to match your favorite team.

If you’re in a rush, buy sugar cookies at a local bakery and add the colored frosting.

6. Host a Potluck

Another great option is to announce to friends and family that you’re hosting a potluck.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer or entrée. Make sure particular food and drink options get covered. This way, you don’t end up with a bunch of the same item.

You can assign some people to pick up appetizers, while others bring a dessert. Plan the potluck around one dish like chili or pulled pork.

Chili or pulled pork can get eaten in many ways. You can put chili on a plate of nachos or a hot dog. Bring sour cream and cheese. With pulled pork, you can make sandwiches or put it on nachos.

7. Plan a Yard Game

Host a game tournament at your next tailgate party. Tailgate parties are the best spot to play giant games like Jenga or Connect Four.

You could also try a massive checkers game. Other tailgaters will want to join in and play. Set up the stations, so everyone plays until the kickoff.

Group guests together to compete at the different games. Guests can try washer toss, Jenga, cornhole, or ladder toss.

You should set up a single-elimination tournament for every game. Track the points and tally them up at the end. Award the winners a prize.

8. Create a Photo Booth

Everyone loves to take pictures and upload them to their social media accounts today. Consider creating a photo booth.

All you need is a white sheet. Hang the sheet from the top of your open trunk door. Set this space aside as the pregame photo booth.

Hang team banners, streamers, or pennants as a backdrop. Your friends can pose for the pictures in front.

Don’t forget about making a basket of props. Pick up hats, Pompoms, foam fingers, and footballs.

9. Create a Playlist

Make a fun playlist for your upcoming tailgating party. Mix the playlist up with 90s songs or tunes from the 80s.

Think about who will be at the party too. Ask for people to send in some of their favorite songs.

10. Support Your Team

At your tailgate party, if you’re going to watch a game, set up a station.
People can apply temporary team tattoos at the station, put on face paint, or wear colorful beads.

Award a top prize to the person with the most team spirit.

11. Mix Drinks the Night Before

One fun way to serve drinks is to make mixed drinks in mason jars. You can make a few pitchers of a popular cocktail the night before.

Pour the drink into a mason jar. Place the jars in a cooler along with other beverages.

12. Cooler of Beer

If you don’t have a few extra coolers lying around, try this option. You can turn a cardboard box of beer into a cooler.

Empty the beer box and line it with two garbage bags. Place the drinks back into the cardboard box, and add plenty of ice.

After the party, you can recycle the boxes.

Use These Tailgate Party Ideas For Your Next Event

Use These Tailgate Party Ideas For Your Next Event

We hope this guide on budget-friendly tailgate party ideas was helpful. Bring plenty of snacks, drinks, and a few games.

Ask everyone to decorate their vehicle before the party.

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