Sure, you could go to San Francisco and spend time in Haight-Ashbury — but isn’t that just what every stoner does when they have a week or two to spend on weed vacation? Now that cannabis legalization has spread to different corners of the world, you have more options than ever when it comes to where to travel for wonderful weed.

Instead of doing the expected stoner thing, you might try launching yourself on a true cannabis adventure. By organizing a trip to one of the following underrated destinations with legal (or legal-ish) weed vacation:

Destinations: Weed Vacation

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America’s heartland is hardly associated with cannabis culture, but Chicago, Illinois offers one of the best weed vacation experiences in the country. To start, Illinois has one of the best programs in the nation for ensuring social equity in the legal cannabis industry; as a result, Chicago dispensaries tend to demonstrate much greater diversity, making visits to dispensaries in different neighborhoods a more exciting experience.

One of the best high activities in Chicago is a visit to La Estrella Mini Mart, which boasts some of the best and rarest snacks in the U.S. Once your munchies are sated, you can explore the Garden of the Phoenix, which is a gorgeous and tranquil Japanese garden before you wander around the Pilsen neighborhood to take in the trippy street art.


Surprising everyone but local Alaskans, residents of the Last Frontier have enjoyed semi-legal weed since the 1970s, when the state supreme court ruled that disallowing private cannabis consumption was an infringement on civil liberty. Alaska fully legalized recreational bud in 2014, and dispensaries abound in the state’s big cities and tourism hubs. Considering how well cannabis consumption pairs with the great outdoors, Alaska is a wonderful weed vacation destination for the avid adventure traveler.

However, you need to be a little careful where you transport and consume your cannabis during your Alaska vacation. National parks are considered federal land, which means they are subject to federal cannabis laws. Technically, you should only consume weed on private property, but you likely won’t encounter trouble if you toke in state parks away from other outdoor visitors.

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Washington, D.C.

It might seem odd that the nation’s capital and seat of the federal government allows recreational cannabis consumption when federal law still sees weed as an inordinate danger. Yet, Washington, D.C. does allow residents and visitors 21 years and up to grow, possess, and use cannabis — they just can’t buy it. Local regulations do not allow for the creation of recreational cannabis dispensaries in D.C., so residents have gotten crafty in how they can participate in cannabis commerce.

Once you have weed in hand (and THC in the bloodstream) the capital is full of fun activities for the seriously stoned. The National Mall is free, low-key, and must-see, as are many of the Smithsonian museums. You definitely don’t want to miss the Planetarium show at the National Air and Space Museum, but before that, you might want to sate your munchies at the Union Market.


Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize cannabis at the national level. While Uruguay is a popular destination for many Europeans, Americans often overlook this beachy paradise, which makes planning a trip here feel adventurous and fun. Though you technically have to be Uruguayan to get access to legal bud, you can find many generous locals willing to part with their pot for a fair price. Then, you can light up and lift off almost anywhere, including any of Uruguay’s gorgeous beaches.

Weed destination Uruguay


Cannabis isn’t legal in Cambodia, but that has never stopped locals from growing, using, and selling the stuff to American visitors. However, the Cambodian cannabis culture primarily centers on oral consumption of the drug — in other words, they specialize in edibles. Any restaurant with “happy” in its name or with smiley faces next to different menu items offers THC-infused foods, which you should eat up to enjoy a unique Southeast Asian travel experience.

You don’t have to be stuck going to the same-old cannabis destinations as everyone else. By opting to take a weed vacation off the beaten path, you will make better marijuana memories to last a lifetime.

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