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The Best Flowers To Send for all Budgets and Occasions

Sending flowers to mark a special occasion is a traditional way to show friendship, appreciation, and love. It’s no secret that some bouquets cost exorbitant amounts of money, leading many to think sending something beautiful is out of their financial reach. However, there are plenty of floral options that suit any budget and any occasion.

Here are some of the best flowers to send, so you can leave a mark without breaking the bank.

The Best Flowers to Send: All Budgets and Occasions


Roses have been one of the most popular floral gifts throughout history. These symbolic blooms can be used to indicate romantic love, friendship, and even loss. While some types of roses are quite costly, there is always an affordable variation to fit the event and your budget.

These traditional blooms are the best affordable flowers to send to a loved one in the hospital, your significant other for your anniversary, or as a thoughtful thank you when a friend helps you through a tough spot. It’s no wonder that these flowers have stood the test of time and changing trends and traditions.


Statices have stunning miniature blooms and a stalk-like growth pattern, often in shades of royal purple or blue. These wildflowers are often used as accent flowers but stand apart on their own. Statices are annuals and known for being resilient and long-lasting both in a garden and when cut for a bouquet.

As statices are relatively unknown yet easy to acquire, they’re both budget-friendly and unique. These quaint blooms make for a great birthday bouquet, the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or even a surprise gift for a significant other.


Daisies are another versatile flower that is easy to find and affordable to purchase. In fact, you can always find these eye-catching weeds growing along the roadside during the summer months. Despite being commonplace, these perfect petals are no less appealing when arranged in a nice bouquet. A touch of greenery and some baby’s breath makes for a simple, rustic-chic bouquet that adds a touch of joy to any occasion.

Gift these pretty petals for bridal showers, baby showers, or as a touching first date bouquet. Daisies are simple and unassuming, making them perfect if you’re concerned about the symbolism or messaging behind them.


Sunflowers are another rustic bloom that makes a stunning bouquet. These bright, iconic flowers are unique and eye-catching. As these farm flowers have a long season, they’re quite affordable from spring through fall.

Put together a bouquet of a few oversized sunflowers and simple greenery, or opt for a fall-inspired bouquet with red and orange variations. These flowers last a surprisingly long time after cutting, making them a great gift for any event.


During the limited summer season, hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers to have in a garden or on the kitchen table. These delicate petals grow in lush balls of fragrant florals. It’s easy to put together a hydrangea bouquet, as they require very little in the way of accents or greenery.

If you prefer blue hydrangeas to white, look for a florist in an area with acidic soil. It’s the variations in pH level that give blue hydrangeas their eye-catching hue.


Snapdragons were once a common Valentine’s Day flower before trends changed and celebratory habits left them lost in history. These multicolored wildflowers are similar to the common lupine, with a few notable differences. The primary difference between snapdragons and lupines is that they’re annuals and perennials, respectively. Snapdragons also come in more colors and are native to the Mediterranean region.

The vertical growth patterns and tightly-packed multi-colored blooms of this flower make it an astonishing yet affordable gift.


Lavender is not only affordable and gorgeous to look at, but it offers aromatherapeutic benefits. Lavender has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels while promoting rest and relaxation. These features make lavender the perfect, simple bouquet for the person in your life who needs a friendly reminder to slow down and relax.

These delicate purple blooms look great in a standalone bouquet, wrapped with ribbon or raffia. The petals are easy to dry for a long-lasting floral arrangement or can be repurposed for potpourri or homemade beauty products.

When it comes to gifting a friend or loved one with a special bouquet, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. Try any combination of these florals for any event.

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