Vans are efficient vehicles with a wide range of uses. Perhaps it’s time some of your family members join the van-in-life movement. Maybe you’re the van lifer who wants to treat yourself in the coming year.

If you’re planning to join a growing crowd, knowing what types of vans are on the market and what you might need from a vehicle is helpful. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Look at this guide to find outstanding gifts for van lifers.

1. Privacy Tent

Van Dwelling Full-Time

Privacy tents are the ideal gifts for camper owners because they provide a space to escape it all. Privacy tents let van lifers maintain privacy when camping in a public area or leaving a crowded campsite. They give van lifers the necessary space to feel secluded and removed from the rest of the world.

Privacy tents allow van lifers to explore and appreciate nature’s beauty without worrying about others’ presence. Privacy tents are easy to set up, which makes them a great addition to the van life because of their portability. They come in various sizes, so they easily fit in most vans while providing ample space to enjoy.

The benefits of a privacy tent are numerous. A privacy tent will protect you from the elements. Whether camping in the woods or an urban park, a privacy tent ensures you’ll get some peace away from the hustle and bustle.

The privacy tent allows for individual areas for each person to rest or store their belongings. Privacy tents provide extra storage, so you don’t have to carry more than you need for the outing. It’s also helpful for those who are traveling with a large group.

It’s spacious enough to comfortably fit several people without feeling cramped. A private tent will make your camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures much more enjoyable.

2. Camping Grill BBQ

A camping grill barbeque is one of the best gift ideas for camper owners. Whether they’re camping with friends or road-tripping on their own, this lightweight and portable grill will last for countless seasons. It will give them the freedom to cook over an open fire anywhere and packs up quickly, so storage space isn’t an issue.

The grill’s sturdy construction means it’s vital to handle and won’t easily break, even when subject to high temperatures. Ultimately, it’ll provide delicious meals and endless entertainment for the lucky recipient!

Grilling creates an authenticity that cannot be achieved indoors. The smoky flavor creates an irresistible taste. This will make your meals even more enjoyable.

Using a camping grill allows you to cook whatever you want without being limited to a conventional oven. Campers can cook their steaks, burgers, and ribs without compromising flavor. Lastly, having a grill on the camping trip allows campsite hosts to control the heat level better, ensuring the food is cooked perfectly every time.

Campers will also be able to clean up more quickly after the meal. Overall, a camping grill BBQ offers a unique and enjoyable cooking experience not achievable at home.

3. Solar Powered Lights

Solar-powered lights are the perfect gift for the van life in your life! A van is a person’s home away from home, and proper lighting can make a big difference. They can see and do what they must to organize and maintain their home.

Solar-powered lights are a great choice as they don’t require battery power or wiring and can be used anywhere they have direct sunlight, making them perfect for a van.

Some models can turn on automatically or be used as directional spotlights, making van life more straightforward. A lifetime of maintenance-free lighting and a little extra mood lighting on the road is an excellent gift for a van lifer.

Solar-powered lights are an excellent choice for camping trips. It allows campers to enjoy the great outdoors safely and conveniently with their own personal lighting source. Solar-powered lights are also cost-effective as their batteries can be recharged and used multiple times.

4. Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions make perfect gifts for the van life in your life. From foldable shelves to storage bags and organizers, they’ll make sure a van lifestyle is less about living out of a suitcase and more about comfortably transforming a vehicle into a home.

A mobile car refrigerator will keep food fresh and safe while on the go. A cargo box of hanging drawers is great for small items and additional storage. Place it on the bed, floor, or even wall mount it.

A collapsible bike rack will give the van dweller even more storage space to explore and access roads less traveled. These storage solutions will make the perfect gifts for anyone wanting to maintain an organized lifestyle while living in a van.

Having the right items safely locked away at a campsite helps make the most of available space. It lessens the chance of losing essential items. It also keeps the area organized during the entire trip.

Pros of Van Dwelling

Easy-to-carry solutions like baskets, cubes, and foldable storage bags are great space savers. More comprehensive storage solutions can also be used for tents and mats.

Utilizing attachment points securely attached to the tent poles can be used to hang tags, hats, and other lightweight items. This makes staying organized on the go a breeze.

Having space-saving storage solutions is critical to making the most of camping. They take away the stress of looking for lost items or worrying about their safety.

5. Pop-Up Firepit

Finding the perfect gift for the van life in your life can be daunting. Our PopUp Firepit is the ideal outdoor companion for adventurers on the go. The PopUp Firepit is a lightweight and collapsible firepit that sets up and lights up in just seconds.

With its compact design, one small piece of firewood is needed for a roaring outdoor fire. The PopUp Firepit weighs only 3 lbs and fits into a slim rectangular carrying case making it easy to store in tight quarters.

It’s the perfect choice for van life adventurers to enjoy a campfire-like atmosphere on their journey without the mess and bulky gear. Give the gift of a cozy and safe fire anytime and anywhere with the PopUp Firepit, the perfect accessory for their camper van.

PopUp firepits are great for people who want to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a campfire without the hassle and mess of a traditional firepit. They are typically made of lightweight metal so that they can be easily moved and stored.

PopUp firepits are perfect for outdoor gatherings or camping trips since they can be quickly set up, heated, and promptly taken down without the worry of sparks or embers starting a fire. PopUp firepits are also great for those who don’t have the time or space for a traditional firepit.

They provide a convenient and safe way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family while benefiting from a campfire’s warmth and comfort. PopUp firepits are also relatively affordable compared to traditional firepits and make a great addition to any outdoor space.

6. Campervan Hoodie

Finding the perfect gift for your van life can be tricky. Vanlifers enjoy hiking, outdoor activities, and the cozy atmosphere created within their vans. A campervan hoodie is a perfect gift for the van life in your life. This pullover hoodie is durable and stylish without compromising on quality and warmth.

Prints feature landscapes of the great outdoors, geometric shapes, and intricate line drawings. They give the wearer a fashionable reminder of all their fantastic hiking and camping trips.

This hoodie also delivers additional comfort with a generously sized hood, fur-lined inner front, and adjustable cords. Whether the van lifer is curling up around the campfire or exploring mountains, this hoodie will keep them warm and comfortable.

Campervan Hoodie offers you the perfect combination of comfort and style. Its classic design makes this hoodie ideal for chilly mornings and evenings while providing excellent protection from the cold and wind.

This hoodie’s thick and cozy fabric provides warmth and excellent breathability. It’s easy to maneuver in, making it great for outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, and camping.

It also has a variety of pockets, including:

  • handwarmer pockets
  • External side pockets
  • media pockets

It offers superior protection against the elements. It also has a handy chin guard to keep the drafty wind away.

7. Hammock

The perfect gift for the van life in your life is a hammock. Hammocks are a great way to relax and sleep in a cozy spot during travels. Made from durable material, hammocks can be taken anywhere and provide a comfortable space for lounging.

Depending on the user’s needs, there are many types of hammocks, from lightweight camping ones to larger bedding styles. Hammocks are also great for travel with carabiners and straps. This can be attached to different places, giving the nomad in your life the perfect sleeping spot for their next adventure.

Also, hammock camping creates an intimate and safe environment, which is especially perfect for couples. Besides, hammocks can be a statement piece inside a van, making it appear more inviting and cozy. Get your van-lifer a hammock today!

Hammocks are lightweight and portable, making them an ideal solution for travelers and campers who need a comfortable place to rest indoors or outdoors. They create a safe environment free from back and neck pain, allowing for improved ventilation and airflow.

Also, hammocks can reduce stress and help users drift to restful sleep. Studies have also shown that regular hammock use can help promote relaxation, improve productivity, and help regulate sleep-wake cycles.

Users can make the most of these versatile products and enjoy all the health and relaxation benefits they can bring. Before you go to any place, it is essential to check and maintain first your Sprinter camper van.

8. Go Pro Adventure Camera

This durable, convenient, and robust digital camera captures gorgeous wildlife and landscapes in stunning detail. With its waterproof and shockproof construction, the camera is a perfect companion for travelers and can go with them wherever they may go.

Its lightweight design and adjustable mount make it easy to attach to you or your vehicle, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to capture unforgettable memories. A GoPro adventure camera is a perfect gift to empower the van lifer in your life to capture every adventure for years to come.

It has many features, such as:

4K Video Recording

Your loved one can record all their amazing van life experiences in stunning 4K resolution. They no longer have to worry about struggling with unreliable cellphone camera footage. It gives them the freedom to capture the beauty of nature and document their wildest adventures.

With multiple editing tools and instant, social media-ready videos, your Van Lifer can share their unique experiences with the world. Plus, its wireless and lightweight features make it the perfect travel companion.

Van lifestyle

Multi-Shot Stills

The powerful camera has a custom frame capture mode perfect for long-range shots like scenic landscapes and nightscapes. It is the ideal way for your van lifer to capture the beauty of their journey. It also shares the sights and experiences with family and friends.

It is easy to set up and can be powered via USB, 12V Car cigarette port, or even solar power. With its modern design and robust features, the Multishot Stills are the ideal gift for your van life as they journey worldwide!

Voice Control Commands

Bringing modern intelligence into their travels can be a great way to aid in creating the perfect home. Voice control commands create an environment of automation and ease conducive to comfort while on the go.

From demand Spotify playlists to voice-controlled lighting adjustments. Commands can allow van lifers to enjoy the luxury of their stationary home on the road.

Accessories such as voice-controlled air fresheners, humidifiers, and even cooking timers. This can help keep life at a standstill while van dwelling. The perfect home can become a reality with voice control commands while the van life journey continues.

Choose and Get the Best Gifts for Van Lifers

Gifting practical items to the van-lifer in your life is a great way to show that you care. Things like a multi-tool, special lighting, or a warm blanket show that you understand their nomadic lifestyle and want to make it more comfortable.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable gift, a fly fishing rod or a street-legal motorized scooter could be what they need to take their road trips to the next level. Shop away and give perfect gifts for van lifers.

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