From a cultural perspective, gifts for children should be selected to educate them more on the heritage and richness of the culture. Jewish culture has ancient origins that can be traced back to 4000 years and is anchored on a strong belief in a single god and maintaining communion with the creator. The culture has adapted itself to the changes of time and imbibes the values of the foreign elements it has been exposed to. 

When you select Judaica or Jewish gifts for children keep in mind the values of this ancient culture. Silver menorah, Kiddush cups, books, and Seder plates are the common gifts that are given to remind the children of the rich Jewish heritage. But let’s make the gifts more fun and entertaining without losing the essence of Judaica.  Your search for the best Judaica stores near me ends here at Jewish Shop, the perfect place to find Jewish gifts for children.

Collection of great Judaica and Jewish gifts for your children

Read on for some great ideas on the best gifts you can get your children to educate them on the Jewish heritage and culture.

You can give them first-hand experience on some of the Jewish items. Get them a Kiddush cup, Shabbat candlestick, Havdalah sets, Havdalah candles, tefillin bags, tallit clips, or talit Katan.  These can expose them to some of the real objects in the Jewish world. Items like Shofar also make an ideal Jewish gift.

Little girls can be gifted some of the traditional Jewish jewelry like the David pendant, Israel pendant, tallit atarah, or hamza pendant. Explain to them the significance of this jewelry while gifting. These symbols have a rich history which is worth teaching.  The David pendant is to Jewish religion the same way as the Cross is to Christianity. Bat Mitzvah is a gift given to a girl when she turns twelve to mark her entry to womanhood. It provides protection and good fortune to the young girl.

There are a number of books you can gift the children to encourage them to read on the Jewish culture and familiarize themselves with its different aspects. Siddurim, Kabbalah, and Shtenders are excellent picks for this. 

Movies and music are also available to teach them more and at the same time stimulating their creativity. When stories are narrated with the accompaniment of music it stays in the minds forever. Similarly, movies tell the stories through visuals and the message of the stories and culture gets etched in these young minds quite early.  When a child watches a movie, he is likely to understand and retain the message stronger than other mediums.

Another excellent idea is to get paintings, sketches, and hand-painted toys of the popular Jewish characters. This can remind the children frequently of these characters and stimulate their curiosity to ask more questions about the characters and the associated stories.

Magnetic board and letters featuring Jewish alphabets are ideal to teach them Jewish writing. Your kids will also love the plastic dinner sets used in Jewish ceremonies for role-playing. 
By gifting these to your children you can help them imbibe these values from early childhood. Visit a good Jewish store to select an ideal gift.  Good Judaica stores near me are not difficult to find since Jewish Shop is around. We provide free and fast shipping with 30 days return policy and money-back guarantee.

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