Whether you’re a programmer looking to change track or a graphic designer looking to pimp up your portfolio, or even a techie who can’t find the right gaming app or online game, there’s an online course for you. All skill levels and specializations are taken into consideration, and some are even free! Who doesn’t love some freeness?

So get your gaming head-on, and let’s begin finding the best online course for learning game development.

Best Game Development Course For Business Students

Online Courses To Learn Game Development

Best Game Development Course For Business Students

UPenn Wharton offers a course called ‘Gamification’ that applies digital game design techniques to non-gaming problems such as commerce, business, and social impact issues.

The course will teach students about gaming mechanisms and how to use gaming to its full potential to implement change and practical use for marketing problems, especially when reaching out to young people.

Enrollment is free, but the course may be chargeable depending on where you are in the world. Check out the course here.

Best Game Development Course For Programmers

Best Game Development Course For Science Geeks

Coursera.org and the University of Colorado have created a unique course for newbie programmers who want to learn how to develop Unity games using C#. The course is specifically designed for those with no knowledge and will teach all aspects of programming in C#.

There are 10-20 steps and exercises designed to teach C# and Unity concepts in a step-by-step fashion within each course. Once in the swing of the course, you will learn to develop larger C# console games and applications. Make Unity prototypes and complete two working games from beginning to end.

So that you know, ‘Unity’ is a registered trademark of Unity Technologies and its affiliates globally and in the US. However, the course is keen for you to know that they are not sponsored by or authorized by Unity Technologies and its affiliates – no matter the small print, it’s an excellent course for beginners.

Best Game Development Course For Science Geeks

Harvard University and edx.org are offering an intensive 6-month course on concepts like web development and software engineering. Over 6-14 hours per week, Harvard will teach you about security, resource management, and encapsulation.

The course covers data structure, abstraction, and all about those elusive algorithms. The designers are making this course an excellent start to finish ‘back end’ coverall tutorial.

You’ll learn all about computer speech and language, including C, Python, CSS, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML. Tutors will cover 2D and 3D graphics principles along with animation, sound, and collision detection.

This course will cover all the fundamentals of game design and development using ‘Unity’ and ‘LÖVE 2D’, ‘Lua’ and ‘C#’ – a genuinely in-depth online course. However, it’s not free, but you do get a lot for your money.

Best Game Development Course For Indie Fans

Future Learn is offering an online course from the Institute of Coding called Introduction to Indie Games. Any true gaming fan will know that Nintendo Switch released a list of its new indie games just a few weeks ago.

You know when a genre is popular when Nintendo is trying to get in on the act. Indie games such as Oxenfree and Oxenfree 2 have created such a buzz. Indie is the genre to be in right now.

Developed by the UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) for Future Learn, the collaboration offers innovative new ways to learn, research opportunities, and a public platform to explore computer science and creative practice. What’s more this course is FREE! Happy days!

Best Game Development Course For Music Fans

Best Game Development Course For Music Fans

Abertay University and Future Learn have done it again, teaming up to offer a great course called Video Game Design and Development: A Bit-by-Bit History of Video Game Music.

Hello, music fans! Have you ever dreamed of creating the iconic music that runs behind the scenes? Well, now you can. Be the next Bear McCreary (God of War 2018) or Todd Baker (Monument Valley 2017). Create the game, design the graphics and write the music, all under the expert supervision of Abertay, who is a global leader in computer games education.

Six thousand six hundred thirty-one people have taken this course and give it the thumbs up. Start on the two-week introduction course that only requires a two-hour study period per week, and it’s free – yay!

There’s little doubt that gaming, whether online in-app gaming or console-based gameplay, will take over entertainment. With demand for new games at an all-time high, developers with talent are hot property.

If you want a career in gaming, take an online course and get in on the action; let’s see what you’re made of and you never know, you could be making great games like these in no time!