Having a family is a great option, but many people opt for pets before they go for babies to have a sense of comfort and practice of responsibility and compassion. Pets have been a part of humanity since the early ages. People have had all sorts of animals tamed and kept as pets. However, people prefer little animals that can be handled easily and don’t scare the children. Although people would typically go for either dogs or cats, you can choose other options, provided it suits the family.

Pets and How They are Often Chosen:

People often judge pets based on the cuteness and the adorable factor while some would prefer loyalty and safety over looks and comfort. It’s true that there are many choices to keep as pets and each one of them requires its own care and training.


Rabbits are cute and fluffy creatures that are harmless and friendly. Socialized rabbits are preferred as they can be trained easily and can adapt to new safe environments very quickly. The training of the rabbit is basically just related to its litter. You can expect a rabbit to live for almost 9 years on average.

Guinea Pigs:

Guinea pigs are kid friendly and can require very little care. With a vegetarian dietary requirement, guinea pigs can have long or short hair and can live up to a good 10 years. Just try to avoid keeping a pair of the opposite sex. Unless you want a long line of them soon.


Parakeets or Budgies are different from parrots as they might seem. In fact, they are family-friendly birds that are known to be able to establish a great connection with their owners. Of course, you will have to consider the pellets, fruits and different seeds that can help them grow well. Otherwise, vegetables are a better substitute than many.


The most graceful and often the most desired pet, not to mention historically praised are these cute feline creatures that are known to have nine lives. Cats come in all shapes and sizes. You can see a fuzzy fat ball of fur and a miniature, blue and green-eyed one saying meow. Cats are known to be very elegant but not recommended if you don’t wish to have a hard time training it. Cats are not much different in their behaviors, but they can look significantly distinguished respective of their breeds.


Abyssinian cats are the most affectionate cats that adapt to the circumstances around them quickly and are always excited and in a playful mood. You can be sure that your kids will learn to love it.

Exotic Shorthair Cats:

These cats are fluffy, fat, and cute. Similar to Persian cats, this breed of cats is known to be very silent, affectionate and loyal to the point that it doesn’t stop following you around the home.

Maine Coon:

This is perhaps the most intelligent and indeed the largest domestic breed of cats. Maine Coons are one of the rare breeds of cats who can be trained to answer to your call and play with you. You can rely on a Maine Coon to be loyal, loving and caring of your children.


Dogs are man’s best friend. There are several reasons for it. A dog is not only friendly but loyal and determined to prove itself in front of its master. Dogs come in different breeds, and each particular breed is not just compatible but almost perfect for every practical help you might require from your buddy. Security dogs are famous for being even better than human security at times. Blind people, firefighters and similarly families can have a perfect dog that can fit all the descriptions of the ideal companion. Not to mention the maintenance and taking care of your dog is relatively easy. You only need to worry about feeding it, taking it for exercise, grooming it, handling it and training it to be able to keep in line. General dog breeds that can be considered to get for a family can be:


Bulldogs are gentle and patient pups that do not give you a hard time and are generally very friendly. Bulldogs are known for being lazy and might not be the active, playful kind, but you can expect to be safe while leaving your baby alone with a bulldog. Bulldogs require some extra caring if you consider their mouth shape and the skin around it. Make sure that you can ensure a hygienic set of teeth and clean skin that doesn’t have much dirt. Having taken care of that, you can be sure that keeping a bulldog won’t be a problem, be it in a small apartment or a large house.


Collies come in different types such as bearded and border collies. Although they might be larger in size compared to bulldogs and are relatively more active. Their excitement is nothing to be afraid of as they are not the type to resort to violent behavior and aggression. Known for being gentle and significantly easier to train than most dogs, collies are an excellent choice for families. Not to mention the graceful and cute fur that makes everyone go “aww”.


Newfoundland dogs are like little bears that are known to be super intelligent. They are best known for being family-friendly and extremely caring and gentle towards creatures smaller than them, like babies. Being one of the keenest breeds of dogs in the world, they are effortless to train in very little time. Tips for maintaining Newfoundland dogs include knowing how to deal with its shedding and drooling as they are almost always doing it. People often get tired of it and leave them on the yard, but we advise against it. Given the nature of the dog, it’s harmless and helpful to keep it inside.

Wrapping Up:

Pets can have a far-reaching impact on your life. They can be a great assistance in times of need. Some animals are even aware of the depressed state that their masters are sometimes in and can help cheer you up. Additionally, they can be trained to do anything from shaking your hand, playing and even guarding. However, make sure you know that pets are living beings that need to be trained and disciplined and not a device or gadget that you can program. You cannot install a phone tracker free on it, but you can buy trackable collars. They are delicate creatures that require loving and passionate care. Also, remember that you must give pets necessary shots to be able to make them immune to certain infections and diseases and protecting your newborn or young kids from allergies and reactions. Once that is complete, you can begin to have a great relationship with any animal you deem worthy of choosing.

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