Do you find the process of moving into a new home or apartment stressful? There are viewings to book, neighborhoods to scope out, and research to do. All of this takes our most precious commodity—time.

This is why 97% of people choose to do their home searches online. Real estate apps in particular make the process so streamlined and effortless. Once you begin narrowing down your list, you will find a new place to live in no time.

Which real estate apps should you seek after? We’ve cultivated a short list for you. Read on to get the inside knowledge on the subject.


best real estate apps

When it comes to real estate apps, Zillow takes the cake due to its wide net reach. Key features include its extensive database (135 million homes) and filter lists.

You will even find unlockable Zillow-owned properties.

This database is updated constantly too. A real estate agent may update a property from “for sale” to “pending and under contract”. The result will show up within 24 hours.

Prospective homeowners and renters will love sharing properties with their spouses and roommates. You can even talk virtual tours and see photographs easily. From start to finish, the application process is a breeze too.


If you’re searching for real estate apps that specialize in auctions, Xome is your new home. You’ll find photos, details, and map locations right in the palm of your hand with Xome.

Need to know if a property is financeable or cash-based? You can do that too.

Set search parameters like status, location, and auction asset type for commercial and residential auctions. You’ll also find the walkable and bikeable scores located within the app too.


Apps for Buyers and Sellers

Redfin makes its mark as an actual real estate brokerage firm. This means that you will connect with a real estate agent to make the process seamless.

As far as real estate apps go, we think Redfin is best utilized for home purchases. With it, you’ll be able to do a slew of digital trackings like mortgage, property tax, and insurance.

Find something you like? Feel free to book a home tour.

If you’re selling, you can list too. You’ll be pleased to know the listing fee is ~1.5%-1% which is much lower than traditional listing broker fees. Learn more on how you can manage your commercial and residential properties efficiently.


If you need to find a home’s value, we can’t recommend Trulia enough. This is because it’ll provide you with much more intel in this department than other real estate apps on the market.

You can truly hone in on what you’re after with Trulia. Search for things like restaurants, commute times, groceries, shopping, etc. There are two separate real estate apps under the Trulia umbrella whether you’re going to rent or own a home—Trulia Renters and Find Homes.

Download Real Estate Apps

If you’re exclusively a renter, you ought to try The inventory is vast with stunning images and videos to show you exactly what you’re after.

As far as real estate apps go for renters, is a breeze with the “Apply now” feature. Doing so will send the application directly to the landlord or property owner.

Download These Real Estate Apps Today

Did one of these real estate apps catch your eye? Download it to give it a whirl! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be booking viewings and virtual tours in no time.

Take advantage of today’s technology to save you time, money, and energy.

For all your lifestyle needs, you’ve come to the right place. Check out more of our stuff right here on our blog.

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