There are 270 contaminants in your drinking water, with arsenic and lead being a commonality. Drinking contaminated water could negatively impact your health, especially if your water contains harmful microorganisms.

The best way to eliminate unwanted contaminants is by purchasing a water filter or drinking filtered water. But what are the best water filters for your home and how do you use them?

If you need filtered water in your home, here are 5 of the best water filters to consider.

1. Countertop Filter

water filter

For large families or even gatherings, a countertop filter is necessary if you live somewhere is severely contaminated water. A countertop filter sits on your countertop and is easily accessible, and if there’s room, you can store it in your fridge for colder water.

The Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser eliminates over 200 contaminants and has a lifetime warranty. The filter doesn’t remove important minerals like calcium or magnesium. If you use the countertop filter frequently and need filter replacements, you can find a collection of filters online at a discounted rate.

2. Water Filter Pitcher

Water filter pitchers are also great and they’re easily stored in the fridge. The Filtered Water Pitcher meets high standards and more.

The Filtered Water Pitcher removes over 300 contaminants with up to 100 gallons of filter life. It’s made of BPA- and BPS-free plastic, so it still looks great without any added contaminants. It’s affordable and simple to use.

3. Whole-House Filter

Whole-House Filter

Whole-house filters are a no-fuss and convenient type of filter. Instead of filling them up like pitchers or countertop filters, the whole-house filter filters water throughout the entire home.

The Springwell Whole-House Water Filter requires little maintenance with a filter life of over 1 million gallons. The filter removes some of the most dangerous contaminants like metals, chloride, and herbicides.

4. Under the Sink Filter

A filter under the sink may be best if you have a large family and go through more water than usual. The Home Master Filter is the best choice for an under-the-sink filter.

The Home Master filters out an impressive 1,000 types of contaminants, all while needing a filter change annually. It is a heavy-duty filter and works hard to maintain small amounts of water loss.

5. For Your Faucet

For Your Faucet

Getting water straight from the faucet isn’t just for drinking, but for cooking and even washing your dishes. You must have clean water coming out of your faucet.

The Pur water filtration system delivers filtered water straight from your tap that’s easy to install. It alerts you when it’s time to change the filter, looks great on your kitchen sink, and it’s affordable. Removing it is easy if you need to take it with you.

The Best Water Filters for Your Home

Drinking filtered water is important for your health. Having the best water filters in your home ensures that you’re drinking the cleanest water and keeps your body healthy. Which home water filtration system works best for you?

Drinking the right amount of water is great for your health. Find more healthy living tips on our Health page today!