“Bill Gate discovered ctrl+alt+del and cover the mistake of IBM , favored one keystroke alternatively to this”

In Details:

In his interview he held responsible IBM for using these three unnecessary keystroke combinations for log on to pc, in first he was favorable for ctrl+alt+esc combination for reboot the operating system later then he found if risky for accidently switching the pc due same side located keystroke on the keyboard. After the ctrl+del+alt was favored because these keystroke cannot be strike by one hand.

ctrl alt del

On 20th celebration of IBM creation he declared these keystrokes alternative to previous one, he told about this invention when he was giving autograph to students in keyboard conference.

He said that these strokes can kill your screen to blue as if your accidently pressed the keystrokes, so in his interview said as

“We could have had a single button, but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn’t want to give us our single button.”

This command was originally used for the task manager and after that in 1990 it becomes favorable to kill the blue screen error.

Bill gate explain by using these three strokes unauthorized person cannot steal the password and login information of the software.

After the Reddit stated in his interview on the statement above keystroke news as

“I feel a single button would be a mistake and There’s a conscious commitment and in many cases a sense of satisfying sword play in executing the two-handed finger strike of Ctrl-Alt-Del.”

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