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Birth injury lawyers can show the way and work towards seeking justice for the affected parents

Parents eagerly await the arrival of a baby; he or she is a bundle of joy that brings profound happiness. But sometimes the script might go wrong due to some error of doctors and healthcare professionals attending the mother and child. Often, the inability of doctors and his or her accomplices to take reasonable care can lead to disastrous situations that injure the baby or the mother. 

Medical malpractice can affect babies when they are in their mother’s womb and even during delivery. It can injure the baby so much that it can have a lifelong impact on the baby, the parents, and the family. The number of babies injured during birth due to medical malpractice is quite high in the US as it affects almost 28,000 babies every year. This happens despite the advances in pregnancy care and childbirth which underlines that there is some medical negligence that is difficult to arrest.

Lack of reasonable care leads to injuries

Birth injuries though common, should not be taken lightly as some can be quite serious and even result in the fatality of the mother or child.  The threats of childbirth are now a thing of the past, but still, child injuries happen because of the failure of doctors and medical staff to take adequate care that tantamounts to medical negligence.  Failure on the part of doctors to detect early signs of danger during pregnancy, labor, or delivery affects many mother and child. Either they do not have the experience to handle patients, or they did not care to take it seriously. Whatever might be the reason it results in injury to the child or mother. 

Take action 

If you suspect that negligence was the cause of your child’s injury, you should not waste time in contacting a medical malpractice attorney who specializes in childbirth injury. You can contact The Malpractice Group LLC which is home to childbirth attorneys. If you decide to file a case, you must do it quickly because there is a time limit for it which varies from state to state. If you feel that you child has a condition that was the result of medical malpractice before or during delivery you should consult an attorney whose practice area is birth injury and who has long experience in dealing with such cases. Most importantly, you must ensure that the attorney has experience in handling matters related to the specific injury that your child has undergone.

Experience matters

Child injury cases arising from medical malpractice are quite complex. So, hire only an experienced lawyer who knows the nitty-gritty of various types of cases. They can efficiently guide you in judging the merit of the case to decide how far it would be worth pursuing. Birth injuries can be of various types from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) to cerebral palsy and from kernicterus to intellectual and developmental disabilities, brachial plexus injuries and Erb’s Palsy to traumatic birth injuries and many more.  

Lawyers who have the experience of handling the specific type of case would be more confident in helping you get the justice that you seek and recover the right compensation.

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