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Birthday Gift Ideas For Different Kinds of Friends

Ever find yourself getting stuck on what gift to get your friend for their birthday? Perhaps you know of particular interest that they have but are unsure what exactly you can plan for their special day?

Unique gift ideas

No worries because everyone’s been there! While some friends prepare a list or explicitly point out what they want to receive, others are a bit too vague or don’t expect anything at all. Still, if you’re someone who wants to give them a present, you can find some birthday gift ideas for them here! Depending on their personalities, what they usually talk about, or hobbies or passions, you can find the right gift to make them feel extra special.

For your jokester or prank-loving friend

If you have a fun-loving friend who absolutely enjoys playing harmless tricks on you or others, you can switch things up and pull a prank on them this time around!

Best birthday gift ideas ever

You can get them an odd birthday present or pretend you’re giving them something else but reveal it to be the most mundane thing. For example, you can take a funny photograph of theirs and put it inside an old mobile phone box and wrap it as you would for a typical birthday gift. Watch their reaction as they go from disbelief to excitement, and finally to disappointment as they find themself staring at a funny photo instead of getting their brand new smartphone.

Prank phone call

Another prank you can easily pull off is a classic prank phone call. You can change your voice and think of a scenario that would make your friend laugh out loud at the end, or you can also just use an online soundboard to help you pull it off! Incorporate your birthday greeting towards the end, and this would undoubtedly be a memorable “happy birthday” message for them.

For the one who loves surprises

While some friends love to keep things low-key or don’t like getting shocked, other friends most definitely do. If your friend is one of them, then you can never go wrong with throwing a surprise birthday party. Choose your location, whether it be a special place for your friend or even finding a way to prepare the party at their home, and set up a few decorations. Ensure that you’ve got the food and drinks ready, and of course, invite their closest friends right before they arrive. You can also check out this list of unique birthday party ideas to incorporate into your plans.

For the music lover friend

Perhaps you have a friend who’s extremely passionate about music – whether that entails listening and stanning certain artists or groups or playing musical instruments themselves. For this friend, get them anything related to the kind of music or artist they love!

If they’re a massive fan of a singer, band, or group, you can never go wrong with merchandise. For instance, you can get them a singer or band shirt. If they’re a fan of K-pop groups, there’s a plethora of merchandise that you can choose from, such as photo cards, light sticks, albums, or other member-specific paraphernalia. Finally, if they have a vinyl record player or are a collector of these classic records, you can get them a vinyl record of their favorite artist.

On the other hand, if you know that they can play musical instruments themselves, you can find instrument-related equipment for them instead! For instance, if they play the guitar, you can get them a new capo, guitar straps, or tuner (or all of them if you’re feeling generous). The thought of you paying attention to their interests and hobbies would undoubtedly make them appreciate your gift!

For the avid film/series fan

Much like for a music lover, getting a gift for your friend who is an avid fan of a certain film or show allows you to have various gift choices. You might find yourself in a situation where instead of struggling to find or think of a gift idea, you’re not even sure where to start because of the multitude of options you have. To serve as a bit of guidance, you can check these gift ideas:

Support their geekiness

Don’t shy away from buying them toys or apparel related to the show or film they love. For instance, if you know that they love Star Wars, then you could buy them a Star Wars shirt or a toy lightsaber, there are plenty of Star Wars gifts for men available online you can choose from. If they love watching anime, you can get them a jacket or shirt that matches their favorite character’s costume. If you’re unsure which character they love the most, then do some subtle research by casually bringing it up or asking their other friends and family before you buy your present.

Create your own (short) film

If perhaps you’re still not sure what to get them, or you’re worried that they might already have the item you want to get, you can always come up with something personally made by you! Flex your creativity and make a short film or video about their own favorite film/show. One project you can work on is creating a parody of their favorite film’s trailer or their show’s opening sequence. For example, if your friend is a Spongebob Squarepants fan, you can recreate the opening sequence, but instead of having Painty the Pirate in the opening shot, you can edit their face into your video. You can also incorporate other photos and your birthday message in the video itself, making them have a good laugh while also feeling touched by your gesture.

For the green thumb

If you’ve got a friend who recently got into gardening or who has always loved growing their own plants, then you can look for gifts that can support this passion as well. For those just starting, you can get them a potted plant or starter seeds and pots to expand their garden. You can also get them some gardening apparel like hats, boots, or gloves to help ease their gardening tasks while remaining in style!

Give something from the heart

After going through this list, if you feel that you can’t categorize your friend under any of them, you can just follow the key idea here and give them something that matches their interests. Still, if these are vague, it’s best just to give them something that you pour your heart into. You can also check out this list of creative gifts for other ideas. So whether you decide to get them a personalized mug, a cake you baked, or even a heartfelt letter, your friend would appreciate the gesture, and you would make their day!

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