If there’s one thing we’re sure you’ve heard about Bitcoin, it is its volatility. In fact, virtual currency has been on a price rise ever since its inception. As a result, it has come to cause a great many wonders around the world. How can we say this with certainty? The real question is – Why should we not? The constant effort with Blockchain technology, the ever-emerging digital currencies, and several new initiatives springing up every now and then only confirm the power of Bitcoin and its true wonders.

In the last few years, several startups have emerged around Bitcoin. This certainly wouldn’t have been the case if Bitcoin wasn’t a promising entity. Celebrities and influential people are now propagating the power virtual currency holds and what it can do in the future. All of this is happening around us for the reason. It leads us undeniably to the truly wonderful nature of Bitcoin. What brings us here today? Well, here is a fact that will have you on the edge. Recent research shows that if you would have invested approximately $1000 in Bitcoin about a decade ago, your returns would have been quite unbelievable! Yes, around $170 million!

Where are we in the crypto world?

Where are we in the crypto world

While most of us still find ourselves indulging in heavy speculation about Bitcoin, the believers have earned and are earning glorious returns. The people who took risks back in the initial days of Bitcoin’s introduction are now amongst the richest 1% of people across the globe. They can also be seen belonging to an “elite club” of sorts. With such a risk-taking potential, their current asset value is only justified. However, it all leads us to consider Bitcoin and its true wonders a lot more seriously. This elite club is formed of the so-called royalty and billionaires. At the end of the day, Bitcoin has surely given a boost to their lives.

Current crypto market research shows astonishing results as we see about 200 crypto billionaires. There are a lot of influential and popular faces in the crowd, and the Winklevoss brothers can be seen as a good example. People who closely followed the Facebook controversy seem to know all about the drastic wealth shift for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. If we take a look at the basics, it is nothing but Bitcoin’s ever-increasing value that has helped so many investors get rich in no time at all.

More Billionaires than ever

More Billionaires than ever

Bitcoin seems to carry startling news wherever it goes. We would like to believe that this is largely true only because of its absolute potential. America is now home to more billionaires than ever, and the credit entirely goes to Bitcoin. With such power resting in the hands of this cryptocurrency and its generous investors, we should be prepping to see a lot of changes around the world. The value of businesses and assets are beginning to change in accordance with Bitcoin. Also, Bitcoin is certainly changing a lot in the world of transactions. This isn’t it, there is so much more happening all around.

One piece of happening news can be seen in the form of The One in Bel Air taking the place of the most luxurious and expensive house across the globe. Another important event can be noted if we take a look at Villa Les Cèdres.

Bitcoin and Tech

Bitcoin and Tech

As a tech baby, it would only be fair if Bitcoin heightened the tech status around the world. We now have supercars and superyachts in the picture. Billionaires like to spend on all the luxuries in the fanciest way possible. Thus, these are mere by-products. Flying and sailing in style is the new possibility, and this is what the news on “Azzam” tells us. Bugatti Chiron and Veyron are other pinnacles of achievement that Bitcoin has brought to the rich.

Flaunting features that have never been seen before at a price most of us fail to imagine, these luxuries can easily be available to those who have amassed a recent fortune through Bitcoin. There are a hundred ways these investors can spend their profits, and these form a mere luxurious few. Several other products that scream luxury and finesse all the way line up the world of tech, jewelry, automobiles, and so much more.

We are yet to see more and more private submarines and ships. That being said, we could be seeing a lot of other new things, and a lot of those could be attributed to the power of Bitcoin and its true wonders.

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