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These 5 Block Games Are Making the Coronavirus Lockdown More Bearable

The year 2020 may not be the best time for a lot of reasons. But there is something that makes it the brightest – it promises to be a bumper year for video games. But if games like Minecraft, Resident Evil, or Watch Dogs is not your thing, we have got something easy yet challenging for you!

We have our total top 5 block games, we honestly think these games are the perfect pastime, basically for any time in your life, but, if you are stuck at home because of the Coronavirus, these awesome games will definitely keep you entertained.

Here they are

#1. BlockuDoku

Block games are everyone’s favorite. If you are looking to try an authentic game of blocks, here is BlockuDoku for you. It is a perfect dose of everyday entertainment and is an excellent blend of blocks with Sudoku. It is one of the most relaxing yet challenging block games. Once you try it out, there will be no looking back.

#2. Block Puzzle

This one is another classic block puzzle that is simple and addictive. The shapes are fun, the colors are vibrant, and it is nothing too flashy or sugar-coated. You can play Block Puzzle anytime and every time – no internet needed, no timed puzzles, simple drag-drop gameplay.

#3. Woody Block Puzzle

Woody Block Puzzle is one of those block games that is designed to help you emotionally recharge yourself and release your stress. It comes with a rustic interface, and the game is free to play. The ads are non-intrusive, the gameplay is excellent, and you will totally want to keep playing it for hours together.

#4. Tetris

Everybody’s all-time favorite, so engaging even young gamers get infatuated with it, is Tetris. Originally created in Russia by computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov, the game was part of the entertainment suite for the Elektronika 60 Microcomputer. For many years a version of this game could be found in the first handheld mobile devices, Nintendo Game Boy and other video game consoles.

#5. Puzzledom

This is one of the best and most addictive logic puzzle games with unique and minimal graphics. Puzzledom consists of Sudoku, blocks, connect, rolling ball, maze, and more such fun mobile games. It is a one-stop gaming experience containing all your favorite puzzles. So many people are playing this game and making their coronavirus lockdown bearable –why don’t you try it as well?

So what are you waiting for? Try the above listed best block games yourself and ease these difficult times! BlockuDoku and Puzzledom are our top picks. Let us know which ones do you like. We would love to hear from you. Enjoy!

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