Security forces of Egypt are into clearing the 2 protest camps that are occupied by the president Mohammed Morsi, deposed president’s, supporters in Cairo, along with reports of several killed.

Muslim Brotherhood told more than a hundred died, though authorities put death toll quite lower.

Footage was shown with armoured bulldozers getting deep into main camp which is outside eastern mosque, Rabaa al-Adawiya.There were reports of some violence in the other regions of country as well.The authorities say camp Nahda Square in the western Cairo now has been cleared.

According to interior ministry, one operation of mopping up within the streets that surround Nahda Square happened to be under way. Activists who are Pro-Morsi were chased in Cairo University and the nearby zoo.

Muslim Brotherhood explained intervention of security forces as one massacre.One spokesman told that he was asked in one field hospital that’s used by the Morsi supporters which is outside mosque that one-hundred-twenty people died.

Health ministry of Egypt said 7 people got killed with 67 injured.2 members of security forces also were among those who were dead and 9 were injured, according to officials.Interior ministry didn’t acknowledge any deaths caused by the forces firing the live ammunition.

In one statement, ministry said, “Security forces used only tear gas canisters to disperse the protesters though it was heavily fired at by armed elements from inside the two protest camps, causing the death of an officer and a conscript and the injury of four policemen and two conscripts.

Earlier, interior ministry told that security forces appeared to be taking some necessary measures that were against protest camps.One safe exit will be given for the protesters; they wouldn’t be pursued other than those wanted by prosecution, ministry said.Interior ministry appeared to be keen in not shedding Egyptian blood, statement of ministry said.

Mr Morsi’s supporters have occupied Nahda Square as well as site of Rabaa al-Adawiya since he got ousted on the 3rd of July. They are there because they want him to be reinstated.

Huge smoke plumes rose over the parts of city when operation for clearing these camps started, with the canisters of tear gas firing and the helicopters hovering just above.

The Muslim Brotherhood called for the people to give cars for sit-ins so they could take the casualties to some hospital.Many leaders of Muslim Brotherhood are arrested too.

The spokesman of interior ministry, Abdel Fattah Uthman, said,

“We arrested a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, but it is too soon to announce their names.”


Also, it’s said that the protesters were expecting clearance operation.It’s an operation that’s heavy-handed and is consequence of current climate of winner-does-take-all, he adds, having both sides then sticking to the positions as well as pushing very hard.

There’re reports of some further protests initiated be Morsi supporters just outside capital.In Alexandria, they’re said to have had the main roads blocked. 100s are thought to have crowded outside governor’s office in south in Aswan.

The Morsi supporters also threw the fire bombs on one church in Sohag, though there isn’t any word from Muslim Brotherhood regarding this.The security sources told that one church also was targeted in Minya city.

Over 250 people are killed in the clashes with security forces during these 6 weeks since the overthrow of Mr Morsi.The Foreign Minister of Egypt, Nabil Fahmy, told that sit-ins couldn’t continue endlessly.

Also, he said authorities were trying to have some agreement by means of dialogue.Further, he added,

“If the police force take their procedures, they will do that in accordance with the law by court order and in accordance to the basic norms on which these things are done.”

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