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Blunt vs Bong: Which One is Better

The two items most commonly used by weed enthusiasts to get high are blunt vs bong. Here are the difference between blunt vs bong.

People around the globe enjoy cannabis, marijuana or weed by adopting different ways.  Some people eat it by mixing it with different edibles but don’t know about blunt vs bong. Others smoke it by using beaker bong, pipe or blunt.

How to Use a Blunt vs Bong?

The two items most commonly used by weed enthusiasts to get high are blunt vs bong. In this article, we will explain the fundamental difference between bong and blunt and if the blunt is better than the bong or the bong is the ultimate thing for people to smoke weed.

Let’s start with blunt first. If you grind cannabis and roll it in a tobacco paper, it is known as blunt. The paper in which grounded legal marijuana consumption is rolled is known as a wrapper. Nowadays, even the food flavoured blunt wrappers are available in the market.

Key Differences Between Blunt and Bong

As far as a bong is concerned, a filtration device generally used to smoke cannabis or marijuana is known as a bong. It is also commonly known as the water pipe. Bong functions same like a hookah.

The debate that either the blunt is better than the bong or the other way around is old. Here, we will explain the pros and cons of difference between bong vs blunt.

Health Friendly:

Since the bong consists of five parts namely bowl, carburettor, downstream, base and tube and it has water in the base where the smoke gets filtered and cooled down which reduces many impurities produced as a result of the combustion of cannabis.

There are some types of bongs such as Beaker Bongs where the base of the bong is large as compared to the straight bong, and this large base can hold more water in it which further reduces the impurities present in the smoke and makes it smoother. The blunt, on the other hand, produces tar and oil because of the burning of paper which is unhealthy.

Easy to Carry:

There is a huge difference between a bong and a blunt when it comes to carrying both these things. Imagine you are on your way to some destination where you want to get high and enjoy your vacations. At this point, you would have this in back of your mind as to how would you use weed, either by rolling it up in paper or by burning it in a bong.

You would undoubtedly end up in favor of blunt as it is easy to carry. Another point is that bong can break as well if it gets dropped since bong is made up of glass in most of the cases.


As far as the quantity of smoke produced is concerned, a bong is far better than blunt. Since the bong involves water in its mechanics, the water increases the density of the smoke which then gives a strong hit to the weed users.

There is no match between the smoke produced by a blunt and the smoke produced by a bong. Blunt only produces the same amount of smoke which a single cigarette would produce.

In a nutshell, the bong is a healthier option than blunt, and read more to get a strong kick as well by producing more smoke information such as cannabis archive.

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