Watch the full body cam footage of a Brooklyn Center Police officer as the BCPD officer seems to think she drew her taser but is actually holding and pointing her gun.  The police officer seems to accidentally shoot her weapon into the side of Daunte Wright shooting and killing him just after yelling “TASER TASER TASER!” and then exclaiming “Ohhhh S#!T I shot him!”  The officer seems to begin to instantaneously come to the realization of what just happened as things start to register that she accidentally discharged her weapon instead of deploying her taser.  The Brooklyn Center Police officer seemingly shows instant regret immediately after accidentally shooting and Killing Daunte Wright.

This whole situation is just devastating.  So sad for Daunte Wright.  Sad for his son.  Sad for the officer that accidentally took another humans life.  Sad for Daunte’s mom.  Sad for the city of Brooklyn Center.  Sad for America as we’re all in the middle of the Derek Chauvin Trial and trying to heal after watching him MURDER George Floyd.  One thing is VERY evident to me.  This was an accident and I am SO SO SO sad for all parties involved.

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