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5 Tips to Boosting Web Security for Cannabis Businesses

There are around 15 billion stolen logins floating around on the dark web. These passwords come from 100,000 data breaches.

The sheer scale of these numbers is frightening. You certainly don’t want to be adding to them by having a breach of your cannabis business website.

The good news is that there are ways of boosting web security to make the chances of a breach less likely.

Read on as we look at five useful tips

1. Back Up!

One of the most important things you can do is back up your data.

There are plenty of hackers out there who want to encrypt your data and make you pay a ransom to access it again. If your data is backed up then their threats are empty ones.

Don’t just rely on one backup either. These days it’s simple to back up locally as well as in the cloud.

2. Strong Sign Ins

One of the best things you can do to improve your cannabis business security is to make sure you use strong sign-ins.

The infamous iCloud hacks of celebrities were done by breaking the passwords rather than hacking the accounts themselves. You need to make sure you use a strong password that is much more robust against brute force attacks.

It should include upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, special characters, and should be at least 10 characters long. Don’t reuse the same password for multiple accounts, either.

You should also use two-factor authentication wherever possible.

3. Keep Software Updated

When vulnerabilities are found in software products, patches are introduced to make things more secure again.

You need to update your software for them to take effect, however. If you don’t keep your software updated, you may be leaving the door open for hackers.

4. Scan for Vulnerabilities

You may not know where your vulnerabilities are until you look for them.

There are plenty of tools that will let you scan for vulnerabilities so that you can find where your security is at its weakest. Once you’ve found them, you need to make sure that you fix the problems as soon as possible.

5. Hire a Security Expert

Web security is a complex thing, and trying to keep up to date with all the latest threats is a full-time job. That’s why you should hire someone who actually does that job.

A security expert can find issues and vulnerabilities that you never knew existed. It’s another cost for your business, but if a security expert can save your cannabis business from disaster, then that is money well spent.

Boosting Web Security Is Vital

The importance of boosting web security for your cannabis businesses cannot be overstated. If your site isn’t secure, you leave yourself and your clients open to attack, which could be devastating for both your business and your clients.

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