Soldier of US who leaked the reams of US government’s secret documents to the Wikileaks was whistleblower, not traitor, the defence lawyer said.

Pte First Class Bradley Manning planned to inform public of US, his lawyer told in his trial’s closing arguments on charges regarding aiding the foes.

This Thursday, one prosecutor said that he was a traitor and he betrayed the country.

Pte Manning already has pleaded guilty ten lesser charges from a total of 22, and can face life prison.

This leak is regarded as largest-ever leak of secret government documents of US.

At a Fort Meade’s military courtroom within Maryland, Judge Col Denise Lind would soon decide if Pte Manning’s guilty of helping the enemy, which is the most severe charge that’s against him. The verdict can come soon.

In the arguments at conclusion of court martial that continued for many weeks, Pte Manning’s lawyer for defence David Coombs disputed claim of the prosecution that this intelligence analyst, aged 25, hoped to be victorious for notoriety as hacker as well as intelligence leaker.

According to Mr Coombs, “He’s not seeking attention. He’s saying he’s willing to accept the price. That is a whistleblower, period. That is somebody who wants to inform the American public.”

Defence lawyer did play a video which Pte Manning had leaked to Wikileaks website of anti-secrecy regarding one attack of Apache helicopter in Baghdad, Iraqi capital, in 2007. One dozen people lost their lives in that attack, including 2 Reuters employees.

Mr Coombs said that needed to consider it from the view point of someone who had regard for human life.

Also, he showed one photo of Manning wearing something that appeared as make-up as well as a bra.

He added, “What you see there is a young man who is cross-dressing. Just maybe that person is smiling because he can be himself at that moment.”

The prosecution said that photo displayed one man who considered himself to have finally become popular.

Prosecution is now scheduled for present the rebuttal arguments this Friday.

On Thursday, Maj Ashden Fein, the prosecutor, said that mission of Pte Manning was to search and disclose the classified material ” at Wikileaks to anarchists, while seeking the notoriety as leaker.

Also, he said that Pte Manning, trained as intelligence analyst, should’ve known that the operatives of al-Qaeda would see leaked material when it would be posted online.

He said that some of documents that Pte Manning leaked were discovered in the belongings of Osama Bin Laden.

Maj Fein said, “WikiLeaks was merely the platform which Pte Manning used to ensure all the information was available for the world, including enemies of the United States. He was a traitor, a traitor who understood the value of compromised information in the hands of the enemy.”

Pte Manning didn’t deny his role regarding the leak. In February, he said at one hearing that was pre-trial that he disclosed those documents for sparking public debate concerning military of US and its foreign policy.

Included in the leaked files were around two-fifty-thousand diplomatic cables, thousands of the reports of battlefield from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military prosecutors say that leaks damaged the national security, along with endangering lives of Americans and of diplomatic sources and foreign intelligence.

Pte Manning got arrested during May 2010 while he was serving within Iraq.

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