Though many people are attracted to the idea of playing video games for a living, building a career as a pro gamer is extremely difficult. Even players with elite skills often struggle to place consistently in high-level competition or find a sizable audience on a streaming platform. Even those who do manage to develop a following have to work diligently to maintain it. Without the ability to manage your brand and increase your visibility in the industry, you’ll have a hard time making enough money to survive. If you’re considering professional gaming as a career path, read on to get some basic branding advice.

How do you become a professional gamer?

become a professional gamer

There are several ways to get your start as a professional gamer, and which avenue is the most feasible for you depends entirely on where your talents and interests lie. One of the more common ways to start gaining visibility as a gamer is by getting involved in esports. Some of the larger competitions offer millions of dollars in prize money, and players who achieve frequent success are often rewarded with sponsorships and endorsement deals.

Staying up to date on industry- and game-specific news is a necessity if you want to succeed in gaming. Resources like are invaluable for anyone serious about going pro, especially if you plan to play games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dota 2 at a high level. You can find tips and guides that will help to improve your gameplay, as well as competitive analysis of the biggest esports tournaments. In both the real world and competitive gaming, knowledge is power.

You don’t need to be a competitive mastermind to make a career as a gamer though. While some gamers have impressive technical skills, others excel at entertaining an audience and performing on camera. Those skills can translate to success in the video game world too, most often through streaming and content creation on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Here are some branding advice to improve your gaming career

What can professional gamers do to improve their branding

Being able to perform at an elite level and entertain your viewers is essential, but that’s often not enough to make consistent money in gaming. With so much competition, it’s essential that you invest in marketing and branding. As a professional gamer, you should have consistent branding across all your social media channels and streaming platforms. Your logo, style, tone, and even the fonts that you use will all have an impact on your brand.

If you’re serious about making a career as a professional gamer, it may be worthwhile to work with a brand consultant. Brand consultants can help improve and grow your audience by helping to increase the strength, consistency, and visibility of your brand. For most gamers, having a professional provide you with actionable insights that will help you generate more income is worth the expense.

Anyone entering into a field where they may become a public figure should also start to curate the content they share on social media. While the average person may not experience significant blowback for a controversial opinion or a goofy joke, everything you post publicly is a part of your professional brand. It’s always a good idea to think before you tweet.

success in gaming

There’s a pervasive idea in some corners of the industry that success in gaming is inherently meritocratic and that becoming a more skilled player is the best way to build up your career. That may have been true once, but the media landscape for gamers has changed significantly over the last few years. There are a lot of people who can play games well, and even more who can learn to with time and practice. If you’re an aspiring professional gamer, the real secret to success is developing a unique, identifiable brand and marketing it to the right audiences.

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