Dr. Justin Piasecki, pioneering expert of skin-care as well as plastic surgeon got named “Most Beautiful Doctor in America” by TV show “The Doctors”. In these days, Dr Justin is spreading word regarding staying safe from the skin cancer as well as surgical way of skin-preserving for treating it.

The skin cancer starts from the accumulative exposure of sun for a long time. While many people do understand this as well as need to have their skin protected with sunscreen, a lot don’t realize power of sunscreen is limited.

Dr Justin said that mostly people forget that sunscreen only works for 2-3 hours so mistake which most folks do is not applying it quite regularly enough. However, the sunscreen’s diligent reapplication alone doesn’t provide adequate protection.

He said,

“Even with sunscreen on and working you’re still going to get sun exposure and you’re still going to get damage. So moderation with respect to sun exposure and wearing sunscreen regularly is really the key.”

Even despite many sunscreen brands from which to choose, he says that there isn’t any evidence that only one brand could be better than the other.

One should be looking for the brands with labels of broad spectrum which say they do block both the UVB and UVA radiation- the UV rays which contribute in risk of skin cancer and have SPF of thirty or above. He says that your brand also should list among the ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, agents which reflect radiation from skin’s surface.
Along with sunscreen, monthly skin’s self-exams could help in protecting this, he says. One should look for the changes in any growths or moles, including the changes in color or size. Anything which bleeds with only minimal trauma as well as a wound which wouldn’t heal should also alert you, he advises.
It’s critical to the prevention of skin cancer to stay away from the tanning beds. Quite regular tanning beds’ use hikes risk of the deadly melanoma till 75%, according to Dr. Piasecki.
Safer option is the products that involve spray tan.

Dr. Piasecki explains,

“Spray tans are great. They don’t cause skin cancer, they’re safe. They’re a little bit inconvenient in that they typically only last a couple of days. The products that are out on the market work very well. They create a natural appearance so you don’t have an orangey-brown appearance, which is what the 1980s sunless tan lotions caused.”

At the time the skin cancer strikes, among other tools that Dr. Piasecki uses over his patients is the micrographic surgery, technique that he calls is gold standard to treat skin malignancies. In micrographic surgery, the tissue gets removed and the margins are then checked within real time, that’s why only cancer gets taken, according to him. The technique permits for less of the skin removal and it results in higher rate of cure, 99.2% vs. 80-85% for the other techniques, he adds.

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