The bribes happen to be routinely paid through foreign major pharmaceutical firms that are operating within China.5 salesmen of drugs for the foreign companies said that their firms gave bribes for increasing sale of the products they made.

There wasn’t any who wanted to get identified, fearing that they’d lose jobs.Revelations do come as the investigations by Beijing are into fixing of drugs-price amid one bribery scandal that’s engulfing the giant of drugs, GlaxoSmithKline.

A salesman said that his company did pay around $1,000 for getting the product back at shelves of a hospital.He said he didn’t deny it happened in the foreign companies and it was rare though. Also, he said that only some people did get it.

Though, he described one incident in which one product was cleared from shelves of a hospital that proved embarrassment for the company and himself.

He said,

“If we follow the normal procedure to recover it, it is very complicated. It will cost a lot of money and energy. We looked for a quick way.”

Also, he admitted about the money that was paid for ensuring product did return to the shelves happened to be bribe and his manager did sign it off. According to him, it would cost much more for achieving same result from official routes and that it might cost them more if they didn’t pay bribe.

Such revelations also follow the allegations of previous month by Chinese police about British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline being engaged in the behaviour of mafia-style. GSK was blamed for directing around £320m through the travel agencies for facilitating bribes to the officials and doctors.

One detained executive of China from firm told that the bribes that were paid by the company that belonged to him had inflated its products’ prices by a 3rd.

GSK said it was cooperating with Chinese investigation.The spending on health care by China is thought to be more than even double by end of the decade.Through investigating the price fixing of possible drugs, the authorities hope to have the situation of rising costs under control.

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