Building an SEO Strategy From Scratch. Here’s How You Do it?

SEO is one of the primary concepts of digital marketing. In a simple approach, it might seem too complicated, but in reality, it is simple. SEO strategy is a crucial base on which the website can reach up to the audience getting proper exposure.

However, non-technical people might fail to make the right SEO strategy. If you have a website, you would also need the support of a web designer and SEO expert to ensure its proper existence. Here, the key steps of building the right SEO strategy are given in detail:

1. Know the Target Audience

Knowing the target audience is the prime key for successful SEO. The experts who deal with SEO work know exactly how the audience behavior works. So, you need to be clear about why you have created the website and what you want its goal to be.

SEO experts consider many things like demographics and psychographics to make sure the audience visits your site and it improves in terms of traffic. The web designers in Adelaide can help you with this.

2. Generate Keywords and Use Them Optimally

SEO experts do extensive keyword research and use them on the website optimally. This is done for a crucial reason: search engines cannot see the website as human beings do.

In the eyes of search engines, a website is nothing but a chunk of data that is detected by keywords. As a result, the presence of keywords is very important in every content that is uploaded anyway on the website. On the other hand, SEO experts have to also keep in mind that overuse of keywords never occurs in a website.

Wrong keyword density can be punished for the website as the search engine might not give it the necessary priority. As per the technicality, there should be only 1% keyword density in web content.

LSI keywords also ensure that a website gains proper exposure. Most web designers in Adelaide know about the required keyword density. However, in the case of the longtail keyword, it can be only 0.5%.

3. Visual Content Should be Given Importance

A website view costs a lot. The primary work of a website is to retain the interest of a viewer. In such a scenario, the visual content acts as a game-changer. Here, the web designer can come into action and enhance the outlook of a site.

One of the best strategies to ensure the visual content gets proper exposure is to add the focus keyword on the alt tag section. Similarly, as an SEO strategy, the expert should define all the images with alt tags and title tags. These are all detectable by Google so they can get the right level of exposure. A web designer in Adelaide can do this job too.


Creating a perfect SEO strategy can take time for a novice, but it can be easier with the presence of an expert and a web designer. So, if you have a website or need to learn more about SEO, consult an expert or join a course.

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