We are now in one of the most troubled times in recent history. The global pandemic has disrupted nearly everyone’s way of life and the lockdowns have adversely impacted both our national and local economies. In the blink of an eye, we’ve gone from a robust and booming economic situation to one where there are far too many uncertainties. Fortunately, in business there are always ways to respond to change. The complete reshaping of how we live and work has turned our existence upside down and the tidal wave of change has created new entrepreneurial opportunities. Agility and adaptation are the new name of the game. The businesses that thrive and survive will be the ones that reinvent themselves and respond quickly to our new reality. The following are three types of businesses that are thriving in our troubled times.

Companies Providing Online Services That Consumers Need

With the pandemic consumers are wary of going to indoor places they now view as unsafe. One of the biggest winners in our new environment has been the emergence of national services that let you consult with a highly qualified physician online. Through telemedicine you can now schedule a virtual office visit and be seen by a doctor, all from the comfort of your home. They can also write prescriptions and order lab tests as needed. If you are a busy professional who lives in Oklahoma you can also save time by getting your medical marijuana (MMJ) care online. Obtaining your card online is easy. You simply go on the Internet and you’ll be connected to a licensed provider who can review your situation and issue the certification you need. After that, simply access the state MMJ site and soon you’ll receive your card in the mail.

Local Delivery Services

In many smaller cities and towns, there are a lot of consumers who don’t want to do their grocery shopping in-person at the store. While some chain stores offer delivery to your home, many underserved communities have no option for quick home delivery at all. You can try and get items from the national companies, but even they are having problems with keeping items in stock and carriers are too busy to get the packages there on time. Innovative entrepreneurs could set up a local delivery service that picks up the customer’s order from the brick-and-mortar store and safely delivers it to the homebound consumer. This personal service would provide quality food options and customers would be quite happy to pay a delivery service fee for groceries brought right to their door.

Bakeries That Deliver

Many states have Cottage or Homemade Food laws that allow entrepreneurs to create and sell items that they prepare and cook at home. Although the regulations differ from state to state, you can make food items that are non-perishable and don’t need refrigeration. This opens the door for home baking operations. We all love variety and treats so why not give people in your local neighborhood what they want? With so many people cooped up at home, there’s a great market opportunity if you can provide amazing comfort food. Fresh loaves of bread from your home bakery would put a smile on people’s faces. The aroma, the delicious taste and the texture would leave them craving more and looking forward to your next delivery.

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