In California you get a second chance with your numbers and have the ability to have a second chance at winning even if they do not win the first time.  This is great because sometimes you think you are going to win the first time and you go into the Fantasy 5 with the idea you will then win big bucks and when it is time you will be disappointed because you do not win.  For this reason you are able to ensure that you will be able to have another stab at the game because if you got partial numbers you will be able to win again.

  • Go to and click on “5 Bonus Bucks” on left side menu.
  • And then look at what your numbers were and see what can be added and what the current situation is.
  • If you are already a member, enter your code to sign in your account otherwise sign up to access your account.
  • Enter your entry code into the required fields and click the button “submit”.
  • In California there are also chances for tickets to be available for secondary readings which will then offer new opportunities for advancement and winning.
  • On the website you will see new examples of people who have won as well with second drawings.  Maybe they did not win the first round of drawings but they may win in the second.
  • Another plan is to take your cards to a local convenience store to cash them in and find out what their perceived value might be.

You never know how much that ticket that didn’t win when you tossed it into a drawer might be worth.  For this reason make sure that you save all of these tickets and then take them at once to redeem them.  However it is impossible to take more than 1000 tickets to a location to redeem in one month.  By California law there can be a maximum of 1000 per month and any that are after this will be focused on the next month.

Plan on a time and a date to cash in your lottery earnings and if you are a regular lottery player you will be able to continually see how much they are worth and move forward to ensure that you in fact are able to have second winnings.

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