David Cameron, the British PM ordered the high-grade civil servant for trying to stop the revelations that were flowing from Guardian newspaper regarding US as well as British programs of surveillance.

News that Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary contacted Cameron into one storm over the response of British for media coverage meant for the secrets which were leaked by Edward Snowden, the fugitive US intelligence contractor.

According to a source, PM had asked Cabinet Secretary that it should deal with the matter.

The supporters of the government say that the information that was leaked through Snowden could threaten the national security. Anyway, the rights groups accused government of one assault over the press freedom regarding series of the incidents.

These consist of detention of partner of the Guardian reporter, and the news that paper was forced to have the computer files destroyed which contained information through Snowden under the threat of the legal action of government.

One spokeswoman of Downing Street said,

“We won’t go into specific cases but if highly sensitive information was being held insecurely we have a responsibility to secure it.”

David Cameron happens to be on vacation within southwestern England.Government tried to have itself distanced from the allegation of Rusbridger that Guardian was in fact made for destroying the hard drives of computer, and also from David Miranda’s detention, who is partner of the reporter, Glenn Greenwald, the one who led coverage of paper of Snowden leaks.

Also, it argued that those were the matters of operational security.

One spokesman of White House said that he couldn’t comment over destruction of the material of Snowden. But according to John Earnest, the spokesman said that he couldn’t see the authorities of US destroying hard drives of  a company of American media to protect the national security. He said, “That’s very difficult to imagine a scenario in which that would be appropriate.”

According to Britain, security agencies do act within law. Also, the leaks of Snowden are grave threat for national security.

It was for 9 hours that Miranda got held on Sunday due to one law of anti-terrorism at the airport of Heathrow, where he happened to be in the transit on the way to Brazil from Germany.

He got released without any charge and minus the laptop, memory sticks and phone that he owned. He was ferrying the documents between a Snowden contact  journalist and Greenwald.

According to Brazil, there wasn’t any justification of Miranda’s detention, while Miranda tend to have launched a legal action that’s against government and the police, blaming them for abusing the powers of anti-terrorism for getting hold of the sensitive material that’s  journalistic.

Though, the controversy regarding detention of Miranda is fueled by revelations of Rusbridger’s about the events occurring some weeks back, when paper did come under pressure of handing back or destroying the intelligence material that was obtained through Snowden.

Rusbridger said that he got told by Heywood,

“You’ve had your fun. Now we want the stuff back.”

Afterwards, 2 agents from Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) did come to paper’s offices along with watching while the staff of Guardian destroyed the hard drives that contained files that obtained through Snowden.

According to Rusbridger, he did agree to this as there were some copies of these documents elsewhere. Also, he said that neither detention of Miranda nor the destruction of this material could stop Guardian from getting published more leaks by Snowden as this could conduct the reporting work out of Britain.

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