One of the best things about camping vacations is that they get more fun with every trip. Why? Because with increasing experience, many new camping tips and tricks are also learned. If you know the right tricks, you can avoid stress and enjoy your holiday even more. These five camping tips and tricks will help prevent future camping mistakes.

Camping Tips

1. Buy Or Rent A Campervan

a group of people Infront of a Campervan

Buying a campervan is a good idea if you like going to campsites and having the choice to spend the whole vacation there or move around. You don’t have to constantly set up and take down a tent when you have a campervan handy. You can even use the vehicle flexibly for day trips. There are great modern options available these days. They include off-road models with an adventure factor, stylish retro campervans, extendable ones, and small compact ones for single trips or even micro caravans for e-bikes.

2. Choose The Right Camping Gadgets

Strolling through a camping fair is a lot of fun. You can find great gadgets that are a real help on your camping holiday or to bring you unexpected comfort. For example, an electric lantern offers that extra security when it gets dark, whilst an inverter generator can help supply electricity. What’s more, a foldable kettle and magnetic cutlery can help save space, and thanks to a mobile shower, you don’t have to wait for a shower cubicle to become available.

3. Find The Perfect Spot

a group of people camping

Everyone has a different understanding of the “perfect pitch” when camping. Whether you’re after a perfectly maintained campsite or an adventurous, wild forest — both can be found with the right research. If you are the planning type, take a close look at your route on Google Maps beforehand and take note of any campsites and motorhome parking spaces in the area displayed.

4. Pack Minimal Clothing

When it comes to clothing, you should pack minimally. Beginners often take too much with them. Clothes for about a week are enough. If they get dirty, you can wash them at the campsite. Orientate yourself on the minimalism principle and choose things that can be easily combined with each other. Waterproof outdoor clothing for hiking and a smarter set for strolling through town or going to a restaurant is a must. Also, don’t forget to bring comfortable loungewear for sleeping and having breakfast in the motorhome. You can also bring slippers in the cooler months and a pair of waterproof short rubber boots, which are very practical for the paths around the campsite.

5. Take Breaks Along The Way

2 people with a campervan

One of the main factors for stress in camping beginners: you take on too much. Touring too many sights in one day and hiking too far in one go can take a toll on you. It’s just great to have a leisurely breakfast on the trip or have a coffee after a tour of the area or even sit together with the campsite neighbors over a glass of wine in the evening and chat. You will also come across many exciting places you want to visit spontaneously along the way.

Pro tip: plan just one day and then plan it again and spread the same workload over two days!

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