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Can Anyone Pray Himself Thin?­­­

Faith, fitness as well as Annandale, church, Va is combined by Reynolds. His concept along with the book with topic “Bod4God” tend to be based on this idea that the religious faith and physical health and aren’t only compatible, in fact they are part of the plan of God.

He said that if one believed that God had made him and also believe what’s told by Bible, why would He not tell him to take proper care of his body and that it did make sense.

Reynolds, also known to the faithful as anti-fat pastor practices all that he preaches. From the time he started the program during 2007, he has lost one-hundred-and-twenty pounds. Also, he estimates that around 1000 parishioners of Capital Baptist have altogether lost 6 tons weight, or 12000 pounds, incredibly, by eating quite better as well as working out in the gym of church.

He said

“We know that gluttony is wrong, so taking good care of your body is doing what God wants you to do. God loved me at 340 pounds with high cholesterol and diabetes, of course. But when I lost all the weight, I felt like it was what He wanted me to do.”

The experts say that Reynolds’ Church happens to be part of one growing trend, having fitness programs based on faith becoming health craze on national level in the recent years.

In Minneapolis, one outfit known as Yogadevotion offers yoga classes which are faith-based and combine scripture and traditional poses. Rabbinical Assembly, the organization of the Conservative rabbis, started the program of Shalem Campaign in 2010 for encouraging the Jewish members for adopting healthy eating, lifestyle habits and exercise.
There’re shelves of latest books released on this topic, also including bestsellers like Faith-Based Fitness by Kenneth Cooper and An Invitation to Christian Yoga by Nancy Roth.

In addition to this, there is everything from the classes of “Zumba that’s for Christ” at the Church at Thompson Station in Tennessee, extending to the “Gospel Aerobics” being held at Tyler, Texas, in Ministry of Spiritual Loss of Weight as well as “Karate that’s for Christ” which is based in Va., Norfolk.

Many groups that are faith-based took the action after one alarming study that was from the Northwestern University got to know that the young adults frequently attending the religious activities were far more probable to become over-weight compared to those who didn’t.

Pastor Reynolds said,

“It’s logical to me that these programs work. It’s all about maximizing your life and maximizing your body, living the life God designed you to live and experiencing the wholeness of life.”

If you’d like to try mixing exercise and spirituality, here are 4 strategies for making fitness a part of faith you have, from WholyFit’s Laura Monica as well as Laurrette Willis, founder of the PraiseMoves, one Tahlequah, Christian yoga group based on Okla.

Pray About The Fitness Goals You Have: Monica said that God does care about details and that one should trust God for helping one exercise regularly like one trusts Him regarding the other breakthroughs.”

Mix Movement And Prayer: When jogging, lifting weights or brisk walking, add meditation or the silent prayer. There are many people who find that exercise is conducive for spiritual contemplation.

Check The Worship You Have: Ask the leaders of synagogue or church if they do offer fitness programs that are faith-based. Think about getting started with your own after getting certified from any of the fitness programs that are faith-based around country. Help is offered by for churches to build and establish their fitness ministries.

Add Meditation, Scripture To Workouts: Try listening to the tapes of prayers, spiritual readings, the guided meditations as well as sacred music during exercising.

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