Can cats eat dog food is a question that gets you the answer ‘very occasionally, if ever’, because although dog food isn’t toxic to a cat, there are some ingredients that can cause digestive issues and there are also some missing ingredients that cats must have to survive.

Cats are meat eaters – it’s as simple as that. They simply thrive on high protein cat food. So the question, can cats eat dog food – gets the answer they can, but they shouldn’t. Of course, cat owners like to sneak their furry feline friend a treat every now and again, and this treat isn’t always met and their cats don’t lose one of their 9 lives as a result.

The thing with cats is that they haven’t been created to handle starchy carbs in their diet. They are carnivores through and through and without a meat diet, they’d get sick and their lifespan would be cut short drastically.

Can Cats Eat Rice?

Can cats eat rice

Can cats eat rice? Can cats eat dog food with rice as an ingredient? Not entirely. Meat has to make up most of your cat’s diet. Most of us eat rice and it’s a natural tendency to feed any leftover rice to our pets. But can cats eat rice? Our dogs certainly can but what about our feline friends? What if we serve it to our cats with a nice fishy sauce? Will it be considered nutritious then?

There are many commercial pet foods that add to rice. Rice isn’t the ideal food for cats but they can tolerate a little bit. You need to know that rice isn’t an essential part of a cat’s diet. Can cats eat dog food with rice? Your cat isn’t going to gain any great nutritional benefits from eating rice.

A cat just isn’t designed to digest grains and they have no need for carbohydrates in their diet. So the best cat food manufacturers may include a tiny amount of rice but the amount will have been carefully considered and tested.

Make Sure You Choose Brown Rice

Can cats eat dog food with rice? Well, certainly, brown rice is nutritionally better than white rice as it’s higher in fiber. So can cats eat rice? Yes, but in very small amounts. Bear in mind that too much carbohydrates can lead to obesity in cats which can lead to a host of health problems in a cat.

What About Peanut Butter?

And what about peanut butter? Can cats eat peanut butter? After all, we’ve heard about dog owners putting peanut butter into some pet toys as a treat or even giving their pet some peanut butter to lick on. In moderation, peanut butter is safe for dogs and it’s an excellent source of protein for our canine friends, especially when it is the unsalted variety.

But what about cats? Can cats eat peanut butter? If you’re a seriously concerned cat owner, you should avoid giving your cat this salty and sweet treat. For starters, it doesn’t provide any nutritional value to your pet.

You will certainly need to check the ingredients too because things such as artificial sweeteners can be harmful to your cat. Take a look at the ingredients on the peanut butter label and see how the ingredients can pose a problem to a cat.

High Protein Cat Food

High protein cat food

Pet food manufacturers formulate pet foods, all the while making sure that the right level of nutrients will be present in the food. So, if you are still asking, with good nutrients, can cats eat dog food? Yes, they can.

Pet food manufacturers conduct a laboratory analysis of the finished product to make sure that as far as cats are concerned, high protein cat food is produced. These pet food companies produce high-quality products. They ensure that the labels are packed with information on the ingredients so that pet owners can make informed decisions about their pet’s food.

Meat is important in your cat’s diet, containing several vitamins and amino acids that a cat needs to survive. A cat can’t produce these amino acids on its own. So, it’s important in a cat’s diet to have vitamin A, taurine, and arginine. In fact, when you look at taurine for a cat, meat is the only natural source of taurine.

Taurine is a kind of amino acid found in animal-based proteins. It is important for your cat and is good for good vision, heart muscle function, to ensure a healthy immune system, and to assist your cat to have a normal, healthy pregnancy. So can cats eat dog food with taurine among the ingredients? Most mammals are able to manufacture sufficient taurine from other amino acids, but cats aren’t able to.

Taurine Is Not Often Found In Dog Foods

Taurine is, therefore, an essential nutrient in the cat and it will be available to cats if they eat a diet that has animal-based protein. But can cats eat dog food if it has taurine in it? Can cats eat dog food? The thing is that many commercial dog foods don’t have taurine in them.

With dogs, there are some amino acids that are considered non-essential. It means that the dog is able to make them on its own. There are another lot of amino acids that are essential and these have to be supplied by the diet. Taurine is an absolute dietary requirement for cats and it is thought that some dog breeds may need it as well.

So even though taurine might be found in some dog foods, the amount wouldn’t be sufficient for a cat. So while taurine is essential for cats and commercial cat foods must have taurine in according to the American Association of Feed Control Officials, there aren’t any requirements for it to be in dog foods.

Some cats grow up with dogs in the same homes. In this instance then, can cats eat dog foods? If your cat and dog share each other’s food once in a while, it won’t do any harm to your cat. However, your kitty friend will certainly not be able to continue eating dog food as the norm.

Cats Are Picky Eaters With Just 470 Taste Buds

The manufacturers of cat and dog food create their foods with different formulas to specifically meet the nutritional needs of each species. Cats and dogs are two different kinds of animals and while a cat is a carnivore, a dog is an omnivore.

While a cat requires a diet of meat-based proteins, a dog can thrive on meat and vegetables. There are a few other things that make cats and dog foods different. Cats have only 470 taste buds against the 1700 taste buds that dogs have.

So pet food manufacturers take this into account and cat food has to be highly palatable to attract the more picky cat. The cat food manufacturers know that cats need protein to thrive, with some cats needing more protein than others.

Can Cats Eat Wet Dog Food?

What about wet dog food? Can cats eat wet dog food? Certainly, wet cat food can be of benefit to a cat as it assists with hydration and contributes to urinary health in cats. Quite a good number of domesticated cats battle with bladder and urethra issues and can cause them a lot of difficulty and pain when urinating.

A cat’s diet can contribute to avoiding these issues altogether. So, can cats eat wet dog food? Well, yes they can because it is considered safe to eat, but once again, this kind of food should not be fed to your kitty kat as the norm. It’s just not worth it taking a chance with your cat’s health. Sticking to high-quality cat food can avoid you having to fork out a fortune in vet’s bills.

Dog food isn’t toxic to cats, so if your furry feline friend does eat a small amount of dog food once in a while, it won’t make him sick. However, if you want a solid answer to the question, can cats eat dog food, it would be best to answer no.

In Rare Instances Only Should A Cat Eat Dog Food

In rare instances only should a cat eat dog food

Can cats eat dog food? If your cat was starving and dog good was all that was available, then you could try some wet dog food for your cat. Remember that cats have specific nutrient requirements that have to be met by their diet, and the simplest way to meet its nutrient requirements is to stick with a cat food recommended by a reputable vet.

There are just so many reasons for a stomach upset in your cat. It can be hairballs, stress, medications, food changes, or the wrong food altogether.

The vets see many animals coming in with digestive issues with diarrhea, vomiting, and decreased appetite. Can cats eat dog food? They can, but if you want to avoid problems and discomfort with your beloved kitty kat, rather stick to delicious cat foods designed to tempt your furry friend and prevent any discomfort and ill health from eating foods not designed for a cat.

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