Can dogs eat french fries is a question most people ask when they want to share the treat with their canine friend and while one or two would not do harm, a consistent intake of the salty, greasy snack can shorten your pet’s life.

The delicacies on the human dining table may smell lovely to the doggies, but if we feed our doggies what we eat too often, it can prove to be dangerous for dogs and cause stomach problems, nausea, and even, in the worst case, poisoning. So, what are dogs not allowed to eat? Some people spoil their pets rotten. Because a dog is a man’s best friend, we like to ensure that the 4-legged member of the family is well-fed and content. After all, he showers you with unconditional love.

He is a bit of a carnivore and you are willing to share beef, mutton, pork, and chicken with him. Pet lovers also want to share their delicious takeaways with their pets too. But can dogs eat French fries? The flavor is mind-boggling for you and if you could, you would eat them every day. It is only natural that you want to share the delicious treat with your pet.

Types Of French Fries

Types of French Fries

What makes French fries so utterly delicious is that they satisfy every hunger pang you have. With them, you can throw all health cautions to the wind and just simply indulge in the fatty, salty decadence. They are finger-licking good and your fur-friend deserves to experience the eating sensation as well.

But can dogs eat French fries? Are you sending your pet a message that you are an irresponsible pet owner by tossing him the delectable treat? What about the Zucchini Fries you get? Can dogs eat french fries that have been baked instead of being fried?

Surely they can’t be bad for him, after all, they are oven-baked and considered a healthy alternative to the oil-fried ones you get. Can dogs eat French fries? Are all the different types of French fries you get bad for him? Will the crinkle-cut fries that you love so much be bad for him?

These are the types of French fries that you actually share half with him because you particularly want to share the flavorsome dip with him. The other types of French fries that you have tried are Chili Cheese fries, shoestring fries which are your least favorite, and potato wedges.

These days people eat French fries any time of the day and it is a great side dish for all kinds of light meals. It is not a great dish for your pet though.

Toxic Results Are Not Immediately Evident

When you look at your dog, you are not going to see immediate toxic results. But loaded with saturated and trans fats, these kinds of foods can eventually lead to inflammation.

French fries are in fact toxic to dogs

You may believe that some of the foods that you love so much can just be shared with your dog. Can dogs eat French fries? The truth is that they can be harmful to your dog. Yes, sharing one or two with him would not be harmful but some people buy their pet a full packet or box of the salty snack when they buy the snack for themselves.

Can dogs eat French fries? Unfortunately, all fries, regardless of the type they are, are high in fat and sodium. When your pet gallops down the fries too quickly it can lead to dehydration, thirst, and an upset stomach.

Just like too much salt is bad for us humans, it is like that for our pets too. Salt is not recommended for dogs and it can lead to diarrhea, muscle tremors, incoordination, and inflammation.

Too Much Salt And Inflammation

Inflammation can be terrible and even extend to your dog’s skin. Can dogs eat French fries? If you knew the damage it can cause, you would think twice. Inflammation can even extend to the skin and cause ongoing scratching, licking, itching, and even fur loss.

You may even see some lumps under your dog’s skin in the form of fatty tissue. Can dogs eat French fries? French fries are also high in carbohydrates and while we can stomach carbs fairly well even though they contribute to weight gain, our dogs can’t stomach them.

If you ate French fries every day and your dog joined you, you would find him to be listless, restless, and agitated. We love our dogs and we want to share food with them but if we only realized the way diet can impact health. The easiest way to avoid pain and discomfort in your dog is to know exactly what you are feeding them and what impact it can have on their wellbeing.

The Salt Can Shorten His Life

Can dogs eat French fries? Not if you want to shorten his life. You have to remember that a dog does not live a particularly long life. They are only given to use for 10 to 15 years or so. Can dogs eat French fries? Ensuring a healthy, nutritious diet for him will ensure that he is in your life for as long as possible.

If you feed him junk foods, he can be in pain and you may find he is not his normal self. When your dog stops doing what he normally does, it is likely that he is in pain or ill.

The Right Amount Of Sodium Is Ok

Of course, you can’t rule out sodium entirely. Dogs naturally need sodium as part of their diet. It helps the dog’s body to function properly and also helps with fluid balance, nerve function, and blood pressure stability.

So important is it in the right dose that commercial dog food manufacturers include sodium. Sodium in the right amounts is part of a healthy diet for your dog.

Many people who ask the question can dogs eat French fries want to know if their dogs can eat raw potatoes. No, you should not feed your dog raw potato. This is because potatoes have solanine. This is a compound that is toxic to some dogs, whereas cooking a potato reduces this solanine.

So if you feed your dog a potato, make sure it is either boiled or baked. Do not add any salt or spices to it. People forget that a dog needs to get most of its nutrients from animal protein. You can give your dog some baked potato, but it should be done in moderation. Sweet potatoes are a better, healthier option and far more nutritious.

So can dogs eat French fries? You can share one or two with your dog once in a while. But by now you know that too many can cause problems. Dogs are man’s best friend and one of their charming characteristics is that they make easy-going pets for us.

With good care they rarely get sick. They do not want complicated, varied diets. They simply require a diet that is balanced, nutritious, and consistent, free of all kinds of salts, spices, and sauces.

Keep Foods Simple For Your Pet

Keep things easy for your pet. Commercial pet foods today are made very carefully and the best ones have all the best ingredients in the right measurements. If you want to provide a bit of variety, choose simple, wholesome foods such as brown rice, cooked vegetables, and some meat. Mix it into your dog’s commercial dog food as a treat. You will be rewarded with a happy, healthy dog.

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? No, It Can Bring On An Early Death

Can dogs eat French fries No, it can bring on an early death

Feeding your dog the wrong foods can increase the chance of him experiencing an early death. The wrong foods can cause raised blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease in your furry friend. So can dogs eat French fries? He can but in great moderation.

You may love them, but it does not mean your dog should get to love them too. Of course, he will love them, but as the one he looks up to for guidance, you need to choose his foods carefully.

Can dogs eat french fries? If you have already fed your dog a few French fries, there is no reason to go into panic mode that you have signed his early death warrant. One or two would not harm or kill your canine friend, but a steady diet of the delicious fried potato can certainly be his downfall.

Can dogs eat French fries? The ingredients in French fries are not necessarily toxic for dogs and in fact, they are digestible in small amounts, but they are by no means considered good for dogs.

Not All Oils Are Good

Too many French fries fed consistently over a long period of time can actually cause serious health issues in dogs. You have to be careful of the oil used to prepare French fries too.

Of course, there are oils that are good for and necessary for dogs but the oil used in French fries is vegetable oil or canola oil. The oil is not good for humans or for dogs as it has bad trans and saturated fats. Too much fat can cause digestive issues and contribute to obesity and pancreatitis. If you are looking for a healthy oil for your dog, then try coconut- or olive oil.

Apart from the bad oil content, most fast food outlets put spices or condiments on their fries and this can increase the sodium content of the fries.

Should your dog have got hold of a packet or box of French fries and you are aware of it, make sure that your dog has access to plenty of freshwater. You will also need to monitor him for any allergic reactions. A small dog is most at risk of salt poisoning.

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate?

Can dogs eat pomegranate

Can dogs eat pomegranates? The fruit is certainly not toxic to dogs and they have health benefits for humans. But can dogs eat pomegranates? These kinds of human foods do not just give you a definite answer ‘No’. They can be given to a dog but in moderation. They are packed with fiber and vitamin C but if your dog were to get hold of an entire pomegranate it could well upset his stomach. Feeding your dog a few seeds every once and again would not do him any harm but a large quantity of raw pomegranate can upset your dog’s stomach.

In fact, you have to be careful with human foods fed to dogs. A pomegranate does have high nutritional value but French fries have very little nutritional value. They are way too high in salt and fat. Greasy foods like these can actually cause vomiting and diarrhea as well as other digestive problems for your dog.


There are lots of foods that dogs can eat but they are not all good for your 4-legged friend. Domesticated dogs are essentially carnivores but they still eat other foods too. It is up to you to ensure that your dog has a balanced diet appropriate for this season of life he is in.

Cooked- and raw meat, some cooked vegetables, and rice can be wonderful for your dog together with some of the best commercially manufactured dog foods.

Can dogs eat French fries? Can dogs eat pomegranate? They can but in great moderation. If you do not want your dog’s life to be shortened, be very careful about what you feed him.

French fries are delicious, but to your best friend, they can be harmful and shorten his life. If you want to have your pet dog with you for 15 to 20 years, provide him with healthy food. It is so easy and you will be rewarded by his shiny eyes and his energy which is indicative of a stomach free of discomfort and pain.

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