Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food?

Can dogs eat spicy foods? Or do dogs like spicy food? These are the questions that many pet owners have in their minds. In this article, we will try to give elaborated answers to these types of questions. Stay tuned.

People Love To Share Their Food With Their Pets

Pets are like children to their owners. That’s why every pet owner is concerned about their pet. If anything happens to them, the owner feels their pain too.

Just like other pet owners, dog owners are very concerned about their pets. They care for their health as well as their diet. They try to give their dog the best food they can. They also love to share their food with their beloved dogs. And that’s where the issue begins. Dogs and humans are two different species and our food habits are also very different. As most dog owners love to share their foods, they often ask “can dogs eat spicy foods?” In this article, we will cover this whole topic.

Keep reading to learn more about your beloved pets’ food habits and some crucial information about their health. And of course, you’ll get the answer of “can dogs eat spicy food”.

Food Habit Of Dogs

Dogs are different from us. So, their diet is also pretty different from ours. Though people often think dogs can eat anything, that’s not true. There are many foods that dog owners should never allow their pets to eat. So, can dogs eat spicy foods? Let’s find out.

Dogs Should Eat Dog Food

As I’ve just mentioned earlier, a dog’s food habit is completely different from ours. The nutrients that a human needs to stay healthy are completely different from a dog and vice versa. It’s a matter of common sense that your pet dog shouldn’t follow the diet you are following. So, don’t be one of those guys who believes that dogs can eat everything.

To keep your dog healthy, you should maintain a well-balanced food habit and plenty of exercise. And the best way to get all the nutrients for your dog is to let it have dog food. You can buy any dog food from the market. Just make sure that they contain proper and balanced nutrients.

Human Food Is A No No

Just like I told you a minute ago, you should not allow your pet dog to munch on human foods. If you start feeding your puppy human foods from an early age, there’s a huge chance that it will develop a habit for human foods. You might think this is good news as you can share your favorite food with your favorite pet, but it’s actually worse than you can imagine. If your dog develops a habit of eating human foods, it might stop eating dog foods and as a result of that, it will suffer from a lack of nutrients in the long run and can even die due to the lackings! You definitely don’t want that. Do you?

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food

Let’s talk about our main query now. Can dogs eat spicy food? The answer is no! You shouldn’t give your dog any kind of spicy food. Though you might think your pet buddy can eat anything, that is completely wrong. Dogs should stick to dog food (just like I mentioned a minute ago).

Spices And Dogs

As a dog owner, you should know by now that there are many foods that humans can eat but dogs can’t or shouldn’t and you should also stop asking “can dogs eat spicy food”, because they shouldn’t. One of the best examples of this is the spices. Spices like peppers can deal great damage to your beloved pet. It can create stomach pain, intense thirst, and flatulence. And let me tell you that these are the short-term issues that your dog might face after consuming spices like peppers. In the long run, these kinds of spices can create Canine pancreatitis which is a severe health issue that mostly affects older and middle-aged female dogs. Beware!

You should also avoid garlic and onions when you are feeding your dog. Though these are neither pepper nor spicy, a small portion of these plants can destroy the blood cells of your beloved dog and be the reason for anemia. So, you can’t just let your dog eat everything you love to eat.

Effects Of Spicy Foods On Dogs

Spicy foods are not good for dogs. If you feed your dog any kind of spicy food, there can be tons of complications.

If you are still asking “can dogs eat spicy food”, you should know the answer already. Don’t let your dog have any kinds of spicy foods as spicy foods can literally take their life!

Do Dogs Like Spicy Food Though?

Before asking questions like “can dogs eat spicy foods”, you should find out if your dog really likes spicy foods or not.

So, do dogs like spicy food? The answer is no. They don’t. Dogs typically can not feel the taste of spicy foods as they have less taste buds than we do. There’s a high chance that instead of enjoying your spicy treat, they will feel some bitter taste. They might also show some unenjoyable signs like excessive thirst and salivation. So, stop asking questions like can dogs eat spicy food or do dogs like spicy foods because they can’t and they don’t.

Do These If Your Dog Has Eaten Something Spicy

By now you should get the answer to your question “can dogs eat spicy foods” and understand that spicy food is a big no-no for your dog. But accidents can happen at any time. So, what should you do if your pet dog has eaten something spicy like chili pepper? Let me tell you. If your dog has eaten a very small portion of spicy foods and is not showing any signs of pain or suffering, it’s ok. You don’t have to worry about the situation. But if your dog is behaving abnormally and showing signs of suffering, you should call a vet asap.

Should They Eat Vegetables Or Fruits?

So we know now that spices and spicy foods are harmful to dogs and you are probably not going to ask the question “can dogs eat spicy food”, but what about vegetables and fruits? Dogs’ digestive system is different from ours and for this reason eating the wrong food can create severe health problems, even death in some extreme cases. Though dogs don’t really need vegetables or fruits as part of their diet, an occasional treat of veggie or fruit is Ok and sometimes beneficial for them. Here’s a list of vegetables and fruits that are completely fine to share with your dog and some that aren’t. Keep reading.

Fruits And vegetables That Your Dog Can Eat



You can give your dog broccoli to eat as it’s completely safe. This vegetable is not only good for humans, but our four-legged friend will also get some benefits from it. Broccoli is low in fat and rich in vitamin C. But don’t let your dog eat too much of this vegetable as it can create gastric irritation.


Carrots are dense in fiber and beta-carotene. They are also great for the dog’s teeth. Your dog will surely love crunching on this colorful low-calorie snack.

Green beans

Green beans are safe for dogs. They are full of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Raw, steamed, chopped, or canned- you can give your dog any type of green beans from time to time. Just opt for no salted one when you are buying canned green beans.


Just like green beans, peas are also safe for your dog to eat. As peas are rich in protein, several vitamins, and antioxidants, you should give your dog this green treat sometimes.


Celery is also safe for your dog and this crunchy green vegetable helps your dog to maintain a healthy heart. It even helps fight cancer! As an added bonus, consuming cereal freshens up your dog’s breath.



Your dog can eat oranges. Oranges are full of vitamin C and it can be a juicy treat for your four-legged buddy. Just keep in mind to give him in small quantities and avoid the peel and seeds. Orange peels can upset their stomach and mess with their digestive systems.


Cranberries are safe for your dog. You can let your dog have dried cranberries or the normal ones in small quantities.


Just like cranberries, your dog can have blueberries in small quantities. As blueberries are rich in antioxidants, they will help your dog stay healthy. You can also swap blueberries with store-bought sugary treats from time to time.


Apples are a great source of fibers and vitamins. This common fruit is completely safe for your beloved pet. Just don’t forget to remove the seeds and core before letting your dog have it.


Bananas are a very good source of potassium, biotin, vitamin, copper, and fiber. They are also low in cholesterol. Bananas can be a great treat for your dog if given in moderation.

Fruits And vegetables That Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat



Though asparagus is not unsafe or unhealthy for your dog, there’s actually no point in feeding them. Asparagus is too tough for your dog to eat raw and by the time you cook it, it loses all of its nutrients. There are tons of other options available better than asparagus. You better opt for them.


By this time you should already know that onions are a big No for dogs. It can cause severe stomach issues with diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. You should avoid this one when making a diet for your little friend.


Mushrooms are not really bad for your dog. Just make sure you are not giving any toxic fungi to your beloved pet as they can literally be the cause of death. So, you should be very cautious when choosing mushrooms. You can even skip feeding them to your dog just to be on the safe side.



Grapes are a big NO-NO for any dog. Grapes and dried grapes (raisins) can cause acute kidney failure in dogs of any breed, age, or sex. You should never give this fruit to any dogs.


Avocado might be a healthy snack for you but for your dog, it’s not. The leaves, skin and the pit contains persin which causes diarrhea and vomiting in dogs often. Though the meaty inside of avocado is low on persin, your dog might not be able to handle that too. So, it’s better to avoid this one.


Though cherry plants contain a very little amount of cyanide, it can be very dangerous for your dog. You should better remove cherries from your dog’s diet.

Bonus – Can Dogs Eat Pomegranates

Pomegranate- who doesn’t love this juicy fruit? But, can dogs eat pomegranates? The answer is no. Your dog shouldn’t eat pomegranates. Pomegranates contain tannins which can upset the stomach of your beloved dog. Though a few seeds seem to be ok, if your dog eats more than that, it might suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. So, you should better skip on this juicy fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food – Endnote

After reading this article you have got the answer to the question “can dogs eat spicy food”. From now on, be very cautious about your dog’s diet and try to feed him/her dog food. You can treat him/her with some vegetables and fruits from time to time. It will create diversity in the diet. But whatever you do, don’t let your dog eat spicy foods, and stop asking “can dogs eat spicy food” because they can’t and they shouldn’t. Take care.

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