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Can You Grow Your Business Without A Social Media Platform?

The biggest lie of the 21st century is that you need social media to grow your business. I call this a lie because there are businesses out there that continue to thrive using the good old word-of-mouth and other marketing platforms. However, companies that thrive on publishing content and big businesses do need social media advertising. The latter needs it to reach generation Y and Z while the former has to use social media to drive traffic to their site so that they can get people to read their content.

How this Lie Came About?

1. Search Results

If you search the internet for ideas on how to market your brand, there’s a high likelihood that social media is going to be suggested as one way to go about it. In fact, there are hundreds of articles that talk about social media as being one of the most effective ways to market your business. With so much ‘evidence’ it becomes hard for you not to use social media marketing.

2. Influence from Big Firms

Another reason why you become so hooked to this lie is that every time you open your social media account, you have to see an ad or two from some of the biggest corporations in the world. As a result, you begin to think that if the big firms are doing it, then it has to work. But you forget that they have a large marketing budget at their disposal and that’s why they can afford to spend big on social media campaigns. What happens if you’re start up with limited finance. Obviously, you don’t have such freedom.

3. Social Media provides a Cover

Since there are thousands of people on social media everyday, we assume that we don’t need to meet people face-to-face when advertising. We fall into the trap of social media advertising because it seems like an easy option. After all, you just need to open a social media account, engage with your followers, and pay for additional SEO tools to improve your rankings.

Why it can be Hard to Get Rid of this Idea

If you look at most social media platforms, you have the option of increasing traffic and the conversion rate by paying something extra. It can be as little as $1. Furthermore, this is how these platforms make their money. Therefore, most of them will spend billions of dollars just to make sure that you get hooked to their platform.

How Can you Escape this Falsehood

1. Have a Plan

The people that use social media and fail are those that rush into it because they have seen other businesses do it. You need to get a professional to help you with the planning. Steve Hubbard from Dify Social says that hiring a social media marketing consultant saves you time and helps grow your business. Therefore, talk to expert to help you figure out if your business really needs social media.

2. Face-to-face Customer Interactions

Don’t let social media fool you into thinking that you don’t need face-to-face interactions. You need to talk to your customers face-to-face so that you can know what they really think about your product. Furthermore, it’s easier to get someone’s attention in person than when they are online because there are fewer distractions.

You don’t need social media marketing to grow your business. Avoid getting into this trap because everybody else is doing it. Assess your business needs to see whether social media marketing is right for your venture.

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