“In Arctic Water A Canadian Helicopter Found, Crashed Due To Bad Climate, Three Killed by this Disaster”

In Details:

On 9th of September Canadian Helicopter was flying over the Artic water with icebreaker vessel Amundsen got crashed.The basis of accident has not clear till now.

Helicoper was found at water 450m depth by remote controlled Submarine.

Recovery Officer stated that Climatic condition in M’Clure Strait is considering critical due to heavy ice and bad weather. It’s very challenging to fly over the coldest climate.

It was reported that on 9th September Amundsen suddenly lost contact with helicopter when it was just flying over the Arctic and scouting the ship to showing it a map to follow.

On inquiry with ship member they told that when they reached at the spot they found three dead bodies of Amundsen (commander Marc Thibault), Daniel Dube (Coast Guard pilot )& Klaus Hochheim (arctic scientist) in a frozen water.Expert team showed its doubts that death may be caused by hypothermia.

They found the dead bodies of the men very rough due frozen water, After an hour dead bodies was in very critical condition local media reported this scene.

Operation office has sent to large icebreaker vessels to the spot to cover investigation and removal of waste from the water.