Zantac is a pharmaceutical product, which contains the drug Ranitidine, that’s taken for acid reflux and heartburn. For many, Zantac was the go-to drug that was appreciated for the soothing effect it provided for acid reflux and heartburn. Originally sold in the United States, the drug reached annual sales of 130 million dollars, and became a global favorite.

The brand was appreciated globally up until September 2019 when the FDA pulled the plug on the drug. A cancer-causing chemical, NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine), was found in the drug, and this announcement begun the Zantac lawsuit journey.

The presence of this cancer-causing drug compromised all those who used to take Zantac; some even claim that they got cancer from taking Zantac. The claims of whether there’s a direct co-relation between NDMA and cancer is yet to be proven in court. In the meantime, companies have taken down Zantac from their shelves, and people continue to claim for compensation in the on-going lawsuit.


The debate regarding the cancer-causing chemicals is between the FDA and Valisure, which is a pharmaceutical company in Connecticut, United States that found traces of the chemicals in the drug. The FDA states that the fact that there are cancer-causing chemicals in the drug means that people who were taking Zantac can get cancer.

Valisure, on the other hand, states that the presence of NDMA is not the problem. The problem only occurs when the dosage of NDMA is higher than required. Both are the on-going claims yet to be proven in court.

Zantac Lawsuit

According to the World Health Organization, cancer can occur through the degradation of dimethylhydrazine, which is a component of rocket fuel and also present in NDMA. This research experiment was analyzed through the testing of animals that ingested NDMA by drinking water. The chemical was observed to be a contaminant of pesticides. The mechanisms of cancer cells involve the biotransformation by liver enzymes that generate ions, which can result in a deformation of DNA.

Some people who are fighting cancer have already filed claims against Zantac and demand compensation for the pain and suffering. Those who haven’t been diagnosed with cancer but were taking the drug are also suing Zantac for knowingly compromising their health for profit.

Cancer From Zantac

Am I A Victim?

If you were taking Zantac and are currently fighting cancer, you’re a victim. Also, if you were taking Zantac but haven’t been diagnosed with cancer, you can claim for being placed in a situation that can potentially compromise your health.

Let’s look at the next steps that you can take.

If you suspect that you’re suffering from cancer symptoms, you must immediately seek medical guidance. Cancer symptoms include loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, inflammation, frequent urination, fatigue, sweating, vomiting, and physical pain. The types of cancer that have been listed to be caused by Zantac include bladder, ovary, small intestines, kidneys, brain, cervical, appendiceal, blood, lungs, prostate, pancreatic, stomach, thyroid, and uterine.

If you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer, continue to follow medical guidance and treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiography, medicine, or surgery.

As you prioritize your health, you can find Zantac lawyers who’ll help file your claims against Zantac for compensation. Lawyers are knowledgeable of the steps and procedures that are required for the best possible outcome.

If you continue to experience heartburn and acid reflux, you must be mindful of the foods that can contribute to the discomfort. You can also experiment with various natural ways of soothing heartburn and acid reflux.


If you or someone you know has been taking Zantac, you’re a victim whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or not. This is because the presence of cancer-causing chemicals as announced by the FDA means that your health has been compromised.

You can seek legal support and file a lawsuit against Zantac. Zantac lawyers are knowledgeable about the paperwork requirements, submission processes, and legal terminology. The legal team can also help you receive the compensation you deserve for being placed in a compromising health position.

You must find alternatives to Zantac for alleviating acid reflux and heartburn. Taking apple cider vinegar, aloe, and chamomile tea are just some of the natural ways of tackling heartburn and acid reflux. You can also find alternative pharmaceutical products to Zantac. Becoming aware of the foods that cause you to experience heartburn and acid reflux can also help you both acid reflux and heartburn.

Seek medical advice regarding your health standing regarding cancer. If you’re diagnosed with cancer, make sure to follow the medical guidance provided. You can also seek counseling services to help you maintain your emotional and mental health. All the while, you can be confident that the Zantac legal team is working on winning the compensation that you deserve.

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