The medicinal benefits of cannabis use on patients with various terminal and chronic diseases are well-documented and known within the scientific community. The various components of marijuana help relieve pain and help restore a person’s mood, even in the direst of situations. Symptoms often associated with the aforementioned diseases, such as chronic pain and nausea, can be treated very effectively with the help of cannabis.

However, it isn’t really a secret that millions of people around the world partake in marijuana usage for entirely different reasons than chronically or terminally ill patients. Recreational use of this plant is prevalent across the entire globe and with the recurring waves of legalization all over the United States and other countries, it does not look like this is going to change any time soon.

The newly abolished laws are allowing local communities and businesses to develop niche products like gourmet desserts or even artisan cannabis beer (that you can try in at cannabars – places like Thrive Nevada in Las Vegas) not to mention the actual selection of bud. People who used to sell marijuana illegally have turned their side hustle into a legitimate business – and legitimate business owners who have not sold anything like this before have expanded their horizons. In the wake of the pandemic lockdown, a lot of dispensaries stayed opened as they were considered “essential businesses”, much like a pharmacy.

Are people using cannabis for purely recreational purposes also experiencing some health benefits caused by pot? The latest research shows that actually, smoking or ingesting marijuana in any other way just for fun does come with unique benefits to individuals’ mental and physical well-being, in addition to improving their general mood due to its psychoactive properties.

Keep reading to find out more about the specific positive effects cannabis can have on your body

Anxiety Relief

Although marijuana has oftentimes been associated with actually contributing to increased anxiety and paranoia levels, the latest research shows that this is not exactly the case. When taken in the right doses and with the proper know-how, cannabis can actually be a very powerful tool to alleviate crippling anxiety and help you relax.

The misconception about pot exacerbating the symptoms of anxiety in individuals stems from two possible causes. First of all, the recreational use of cannabis was highly illegal for the majority of the twentieth century, in most countries in the world. That is why it was inevitably connected to the feeling of paranoia — getting caught with some flower on you could have meant serious jail time.

Another reason is improper dosing. Once you get too high and keep on smoking, you might feel worried and anxious about your well-being and the processes that are taking place in your body. This is why it’s crucial to use cannabis in moderation and not abuse it.

Helps Combat Alcoholism

While replacing one addiction with another is never the complete answer to the problem of substance abuse, cannabis is undeniably healthier and less mind-altering than alcohol, even in larger amounts. This is why, if you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it might be a good idea to start substituting it with marijuana in order to make staying off the bottle much easier.

Helps with Depression

Even though depression might be classified as a disease, there is no escaping the fact that it has become more and more prevalent in today’s society. The majority of people who are depressed take a long time to understand the nature of their condition, and many of them have been diagnosed with “high-functioning depression”. It basically means that they can seamlessly go through their day, perform professional duties, or even interact with friends without ever giving away their condition.

Keeping depression hidden away from other people can make its sufferers feel even more detached and alone, strengthening its effects. This is where marijuana can prove very useful — moderate use of cannabis has the potential to relieve depression or even completely push it aside, especially in those high-functioning cases.

Weight Loss Aid

The stereotypical pot consumer does not exactly scream: “weight loss guru”. Stoners are usually associated with laying around on the couch and stuffing their faces with unhealthy junk food. But have you ever actually seen a fat stoner? There isn’t that many of them around, and for a good reason, too!

Cannabis actually helps your organism regulate insulin and efficiently manage caloric intake, which is why regular marijuana users tend not to struggle with obesity as much as the rest of the population.

Increases Lung Capacity

Counterintuitive is an understatement in this case, but it is, in fact true — cannabis use can greatly benefit your lung capacity and actually increase it! The most surprising aspect of it, though, is that it applies not only to the edible form of the plant but also to the one that goes up in smoke.

Contrary to cigarettes, cannabis flower does not harm your lungs, even when smoked. Of course, this does not apply to spliffs, which are joints with pot and tobacco mixed together — even though marijuana is not harmful to your body by itself, it does not erase the harmful effects of other substances.

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