Cannabis culture has found its way from being underground to mainstream, achieving growth year on year. Due to constant changes, it is easy to feel out of the loop. With a projected increase in annual growth of 26.7% between 2021 and 2028, it’s a good idea to get in the loop now.

Interested in learning more about the current trends and development within cannabis culture? Keep reading to find out more.

1. The Track to Legalisation

Cannabis Industry and Tax Reform

More states are progressively legalizing marijuana with New York and Virginia being the most recent. 60% of Americans state that marijuana should be legal for recreational and medical use. 30% of Americans believe it should only be legalized for medical use.

Amongst the younger generation, acceptance of the legalization of marijuana is commonly seen. This is not so common in the age group of 75 years or older. When approached with the question, should marijuana be legal? The most common answer if not for medical use is nothing at all.

2. Investing in Cannabis Companies

Although cannabis is illegal in most countries, investing in a cannabis company is completely legal. The recent boom in interest towards investing in stocks can be reflected in the Marijuana industry. You can invest in Marijuana stocks through ETFs, buying shares of a company, and trading marijuana stock with CMC markets.

3. Cannabis Oil in Beauty Products

5 Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

One of the major cannabis products integrated into daily life is beauty and skincare products. There are 80 different cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Among those most popular are CBD and THC.

What you will find in your beauty products is Hemp oil. Hemp oil comes from the seed and doesn’t contain either CBD or THC. Hemp seed oil had been found to have anti-inflammatory effects meaning that it can assist with many skin problems.

The hemp seed oil also acts as an emollient so if you are experiencing dry skin hemp oil is something to consider. As hemp oil is naturally hydrating it appears in soaps and moisturizers. If it does it will be all over the packaging of your Beauty products due to cannabis culture.

4. Cannabis Culture Normalisation

While America progresses strength to strength with the normalization of the use of cannabis, the rest of the world still needs to catch up. Even though the taboo around cannabis isn’t as prominent in comparison to 10 years ago, There is still restrain that comes with the use of it. The lack of understanding around recreational and medical use is holding back progression.

The most notable progress is being seen in the UK as well as in parts of Europe with the legalization of CBD a few years ago.

5. Growth in the Variety of Consumable Cannabis Products

From the bud to a brownie there has been extreme growth in the variety of products there is out there. Foods can be infused with cannabis. Therefore, cannabis edibles are quickly becoming the next best way to consume the product making up 22% of cannabis purchases.

Rivaling this, vaping is also growing in popularity. Pure THC and CBD vape alongside pre-rolled products are part of the boom in cannabis trends due to these products making them more accessible. To find out more about rolling and pre-rolls, click here.

6. Accessible Dispensaries

Cannabis Dispensaries

Whether selling the bud of weed in legalized countries or CBD products, cannabis dispensaries are popping up all over the world. There are two types of marijuana dispensaries and that is medical and recreational. In a medical marijuana dispensary, upon entering you will be asked to provide ID and recommendations from a doctor.

7. Awareness

Cannabis trends on social media will always be a great way to inform people of the new things that are happening within the cannabis culture. However, some consumers may be seeking basic facts on the product and social media isn’t the best source. The more cannabis legalization is pushed the more information about the benefits of cannabis will be seen by new customers.

Awareness of the medical advantages of cannabis cultivation is beneficial. It will encourage people that are unsure about cannabis to consider what it can do. In turn, creating a more positive outlook on cannabis culture.

8. Doctor’s Trust

Scientists are becoming more knowledgeable about the effects of marijuana. This will lead to doctors feeling more comfortable prescribing it. This will include dispensaries seeing an increase in sales and contributing to the global size of annual growth and profit.

The majority of doctors agree that marijuana should be legal in their state. Most doctors can see medical benefits and believe in the performance of marijuana used medically.

9. Where Do You Consume?

In legalized countries and states, lounges and places to consume marijuana are set to be the next best thing in cannabis culture. This enhances the community around cannabis because people can create bonds with those they meet. This will be another way for the marijuana industry to make money.

Marijuana cafes serving infused drinks and foods are also up for consideration when it comes to new places to consume marijuana.

10. Brand Building

How to Achieve the Perfect Temperature to Grow Cannabis

People recognize reputable brands. Considering the legalization of cannabis, why shouldn’t company’s have a strong reputable brand? When it comes to consumption, people want to feel content in terms of safety and good quality. Therefore, brand recognition and the image are something all sellers should be focusing on.

The desire for consistency will be something that helps persuade those that aren’t sure about the legalization of cannabis. As there are no regulations on cannabis it is hard for some to view it in a positive light. Whereas, if there were reputable brands people could turn to, it would shape opinions into a different light.


Now you have more insight into developments within the marijuana industry. You should be more confident about cannabis culture and how it is progressing.

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