Car accident reconstruction experts use science, engineering, and math to analyze and reconstruct vehicular accidents. They provide critical information about how the accident occurred, the speed, the direction of travel, and other important details. This information can be used to determine fault, liability, and damages in personal injury claims. Accident reconstruction experts are crucial in helping insurance companies, lawyers, and judges understand the complexities of the accident and ensure that the injured party receives fair compensation.

What is Car Accident Reconstruction?

accident reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is analyzing the crash to determine its cause and the parties liable for it. There are three specific types of accident reconstruction. They are accident scene analysis, vehicle collision analysis, and traffic investigation (accidental damage).

Accident Scene Analysis

Accident scene reconstruction is conducted at the accident scene by investigators. This means that they look at the surrounding area near the site of an accident and find out how, why, and when the crash occurred. They check for clues as to why it happened. Investigators study the road, the weather, and even any nearby stores. They interview witnesses, drivers nearby during the crash, and others who might have participated.

Vehicle Collision Analysis

Vehicle collision analysis is the most complex and detailed accident reconstruction analysis. In it, a crash analyst is sent to the accident scene with tape measures, calipers, and other devices. These tools will measure both front and rear impact forces. The expert will then create a line diagram showing the force patterns of the collision. A computer calculates impact speeds, points, and angles to determine which of the two or more vehicles had the most responsibility for causing the accident.

Traffic Investigation

Traffic investigation analyzes an accident that results in an injury or death. A traffic forensics specialist conducts it. In traffic investigation, a pattern of accidents at a specific location is recognized over time. This can lead to traffic engineering improvement projects. Investigators use traffic accident reconstruction software in these instances.

Need an Accident Reconstructionist

When Do You Need an Accident Reconstructionist?

You might need an accident reconstruction expert when you are involved in a vehicle accident that damages your car or injures you. Your insurance company could also ask you to contact one.

According to a car accident lawyer in Gary, Indiana, a personal injury attorney can help an accident victim by contacting an accident reconstruction expert to gather important evidence and build a strong case. The lawyer and the expert work together to reconstruct the accident, analyze the data, and provide a detailed report of their findings. The report can be used to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company or present evidence in court to prove fault, liability, and damages.

How Can a Specialist Help Me?

In some states, traffic accident victims can even choose their collision expert to conduct a third-party accident investigation. This could be an individual who is a certified engineering professional specializing in accident reconstruction. Your lawyer can also use the expert’s testimony to explain complex scientific evidence to the judge and jury. By working together, the lawyer and the expert protect your rights, and you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

Let’s see how accident reconstruction specialists can work for your case.

Investigate the Scene

An accident reconstructionist will start his investigation at the site of the collision. During this process, they can do the following:

  •   Locate witnesses, police, and EMT reports.
  •   Document the scene, including location, weather, and road conditions.
  •   Calculate the speed of impact for both vehicles in the collision based on skid marks and other physical evidence present.
  •   Determine which driver might have had a reduced. This can include age, weight, physical condition, and alcohol or medical drugs in the driver’s system.

Analyze the Findings

An accident reconstructionist

An accident reconstructionist will use a computer program to electronically calibrate and calculate the collision’s impact forces and angles incurred by the two vehicles. The investigator will analyze the following:

  •   Speed of the vehicles.
  •   The angle of impact.
  •   Gravity and drag forces on each vehicle.
  •   Point of impact between the vehicles.
  •   Testify in court or at an insurance claim hearing: If your case goes to Court, you must testify about your findings. You may also be called to testify in a private insurance claim hearing.
  •   Estimate liability: The reconstruction results will indicate which driver was most at fault for the accident.
  •   Increase your chances of obtaining fair treatment from an insurance company by allowing them to use the reconstruction results to support their case.

How Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Form Their Opinions?

Accident specialists will study all the relevant facts of the accident to develop a reasonable opinion. The accident reconstructionist will then present his findings to the parties involved in the case. The liability of an at-fault driver will be determined based on the results of this analysis. If a third-party accident reconstruction expert is hired, they will also be involved in the case.

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