The world runs on money and a career in financial services puts you at the nucleus of wealth management. Although it is a challenging and dynamic career path to pursue, a career in Financial Services can offer you a plethora of opportunities for you to choose from. Besides providing students with a huge scope of employment, working in the financial sector also comes along with a ton of respect. Take a look at the following opportunities with MA in finance and investment that you can take up right after graduation.

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Investment Banker

Professionals working for an investment bank (E.g., Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase etc.) spend their crucial hours raising capital for individuals, companies, and the government is known as an investment banker. Investment bankers may also engage in mergers and acquisitions, perform as a facilitator between a company and its investors and assist with unique investment opportunities including derivatives and pricing financial instruments.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are specialised in areas such as markets, accounting, economics, and compliance. They are able to grasp and evaluate huge volumes of financial data. By employing their analysis and revenue projections, they provide suggestions to top management on strategic decisions and investments.

Venture Capital Analyst

As a venture capital analyst, you will be accountable for networking, being observant about the latest industry trends, and meeting potential target companies. You can typically find employment within venture capital firms whose primary focus is to provide capital to start-ups and small-scale companies with an idea of business expansion (with no access to the stock market).

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers usually work at wealth management firms and hedge funds. These professionals are responsible for overseeing client portfolios, assisting them to attain their financial goals. They are experts with project management skills and substantial years of experience under the belt.

Risk Analyst

Curbing losses and managing unpredictability is the job of a Risk Analyst. They determine and analyse the areas of potential risk threatening the assets of a business entity, predict the change in economic patterns and future trends, and also forecast upcoming costs of an organisation.

Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is accountable for managing the financial actions of an organisation and reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). They are required to track cash flow, identify a company’s financial strengths and weakness, and recommend corrective actions. The CFO plays a vital role in a company’s overall success by influencing business strategy.

Banks and insurance companies are responsible for creating most of the employment in the financial and investment sector. If you are really inclined to establish yourself in the world of finance, then applying to a master’s programme in finance and investment is the best choice for you. Apply soon!

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