After completing high school, it is not uncommon to start scratching your head and worrying about your future. That’s what all teenagers do. After having a bit of fun, a moment of contemplation kicks in. For some, it kicks in early; for others, it can take some time. But when it does kick in, panic may set in.

However, as a millennial, you’re strong and determined. You can do what you set your mind to. Whether you set out to become a pilot or a nuclear physicist, you can do it. What’s important is to understand your capabilities and discover your passion.

Here, we will go over some career ideas that you may consider. We will go over a couple of industries and some top-paying jobs in those industries to give you an idea of the career ladder you could potentially climb.

Let’s get started!

Finance Consumer Services

Best paying jobs in finance consumer services

The best strategy to enlighten yourself about your potential options while carrying out tasks in a particular sector is to consult career exploration guides. To answer the question, “Is finance consumer services a great career path?” we must first connect the links. Knowing what financial consumer services are is crucial.

What Are Consumer Financial Services?

Consider it in this manner. Any retail location of a corporation will have staff to attend to your requirements and inquiries. These professionals work in “customer service” and offer assistance and direction to customers when they enter the store. Next, keep this idea or concept, then consider how it relates to or links to the finance industry. The consumer finance sector is products and services provided by experts in the area to help consumers with their financial demands or problems. Financial consumer operations, however, is a vast subject that necessitates research before launching.

Additionally, they develop the services, look at trends to offer perceptions for the product that consumers use, and do much more. Finally, due to the tremendous demand for finance experts, the market must be fiercely competitive to allow the top candidates to advance up the ranks. These are all components of consumer financial services, and you must comprehend how they operate in the world of finance because it will assist you in choosing whether this is the ideal path for your career.

When finances were first established, it was still a relatively novel idea, and people were unaware of how this would influence their savings, grow their businesses, etc. Previously, financial firms only dealt with governmental entities, but this has changed over time.

What Skills Do You Need To Excel In Consumer Financial Services?

While no two occupations are alike, they all seem to have unique requirements. The applicant or employee who works in financial customer experience must possess the necessary abilities for the position they are filling. These can include analytical, sales, advertising, and other functions. However, the essential and most important ones are provided below.

  • Competitive
  • Peoples’ person
  • Excellent with figures
  • Team player
  • Focusing oneself
  • Attention to detail
  • Planning for the future and wealth handling
  • Business Finance
  • Financial management
  • Banking for consumers and businesses
  • Commercial Finance
Possible Career Opportunities In Financial Services

Career aspirants in finance who don’t want to perform a standard 9 am to 5 pm job should avoid becoming wealth management analysts or portfolio managers. They would do better working in sales or managing relationships. Look into it and then make the most of the place that best suits you. Listed below are a few possible job paths.

  • Retailers or agents
  • Relationship manager
  • The chief financial officer
  • Portfolio manager
  • Project expert

Business Services

Business Services

Numerous parameters are used to classify business services. For example, you can look at various services related to health and wellbeing, technology, travel, and law and find an exciting, high-paying support position. But is a job in business administration a wise choice?

Of course, given the size of the service industry and the variety of career paths available, including those in marketing, human resource management, accounting, and even business management.

Human resources professionals are crucial in interviewing people, hiring the best candidates, and handling issues like dispute resolution. They are also in charge of evaluating and enhancing staff performance.

Financial analysts and private finance advisors begin with fantastic investment suggestions for organizations.

Averages Salaries In Business Services

Another factor supporting a positive clarification, “Is a career in business solutions a smart choice?” is that, according to studies, business graduates often earn around $92,000 per year, plus a sizable bonus.

However, average salaries might differ significantly and can range anywhere from $27,000. There’s also a higher need today since they offer valuable services to several firms. As a result, you won’t be jobless for very long, and thus the talents you pick up along the route will stick with you permanently.

Do You Require A Degree For Business Services?

You have two options for getting started: as a freelancer exposed to several chances to ascend the higher positions of professional services, or as an apprentice gaining the skills required to thrive in this industry.

Some careers in business service do not require degrees, though if you ever do have some degree, you’ll have skills desired by large business service companies that others might not have. People with various degrees are likely to work in the service sector.

Consumer Services

Consumer services

Because there is a constant need for excellent customer service in all open positions, these services won’t just disappear. To set the standard for other industries, businesses with sizable customer bases must look into the consumer services sector.

When you glance around, you will notice that everyone and everything is constantly trading things. Therefore, customer services provide a terrific method to get started in the business sector with this group.

Opportunities In Consumer Services

Consumer services are crucial because, as was already mentioned, firms today must provide exceptional customer service. Hairdressing, brokerages, healthcare, finance, and washer maintenance are classic examples of customer services. There are other additional services as well, like veterinary and auto repair.

Customer service examples include

  • Customer service representative
  • Market analysts
  • Quality control expert
  • Service supervisors
Average Salary In Consumer Services

A position in customer services may be the best option for people without the funds to get a degree. Some entry-level positions in the consumer services sector don’t call for further tertiary education. In 2022, the hourly wage for customer services will be approximately $16.00 + commission.

Public Utilities

Public Utility jobs

Every day, we all depend on public resources. Public utility businesses ensure the equipment is preserved so people can access services like bus transportation, energy, communications networks, power, waste management, community storage facilities, gasoline, TV cable stations, telecommunications, and rail networks.

Opportunities In Public Utilities

Due to the significance of these offerings, there is a demand for employment opportunities. Customers can benefit to the fullest extent from all these services.

Working in public utilities means climbing the career ladder as a:

  • Specialist in water resources
  • Superintendent of water and resources
  • Power transmission engineer
  • Nuclear licensing engineer
  • Renewable energy engineer
  • Utility supervisor
  • Radiological engineer
Average Salary In Public Utilities

Given the importance of your duties, your income may vary. For example, a Nuclear Comprehensive Evaluation Safety Engineer can make $175,000 annually. You’ll need to find ways to store radioactive material to prevent a nuclear accident. For this kind of responsibility, employees can anticipate good income and excellent benefits.

Capital Goods

Engineering Manager

A business’s material resources to create other items are capital goods, and they consist of equipment, furnishings, structures, and vehicles employed to create finished products for the consumer.

Do You Require Certification For Jobs In Capital Goods?

For most jobs in this sector, a certificate or some other kind of training is frequently necessary. Positions in this sector range widely, from salespeople to engineers. Strong communication abilities and coping with stressful situations are requirements for working in sales.

The market for capital goods requires cutting-edge talents to survive. Due to the high income, growth potential, and other benefits this industry offers, it is a great career option.

Opportunities In Capital Goods

Even though there are numerous decently paid industries throughout the capital goods industry, there are multiple job prospects. You get various employment prospects in these businesses because numerous departments and roles are available.

These sectors comprise:

  • Mining industries
  • Aerospace industries
  • Electronics industries
  • Textiles industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Machinery industries

The following are a few of the high-paying jobs in the capital goods industry:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Manager of quality control
  • Industrial architect
  • Business development manager

Oil & Gas Production

Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path

Oil consumption is still a global phenomenon, and among several available job options, oil and natural gas production present an excellent opportunity to launch and advance a fulfilling career.

Do You Require A Degree In Oil And Gas Production?

The oil industry, along with its distribution chain, is distributed widely throughout America plus other parts of the globe, according to information provided by the concerned Organization. Because of this, the company offers various employment options, whether you want to operate at the energy hub’s desk or on an offshore oil rig.

And with the increasing demand for oil and gas worldwide, it does not require a college diploma to start nor a university degree there. You can earn a well-paying entry-level job with just a high school diploma. Due to the ever-increasing demand for oil, there are good employment opportunities and encouraging job security in oil and gas production.

Average Salary In Oil And Gas Production

Salaries vary greatly depending on knowledge and professional skills, but they rarely begin at less than $35,000. Senior or more skilled workers make substantially more money than less experienced workers. Being in the petroleum sector can also allow you to explore various nationalities.

Jobs in this sector include those working as;

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Geologist
  • Energy engineer

Is oil production a solid career path? This query relies on your individual job preferences, such as if you’re willing to do the work in challenging conditions, late hours, and so on.

Is Transportation A Good Career Path?


Life would come to a grinding halt without transportation. A transport job is any position that involves moving both people and products.

In addition, the response will always be “YES” to this query. The field of transportation includes a broad range of occupations and career options; most of these do not necessitate extensive education or training to be admitted.

Transporting people or merchandise involves a few of the best jobs in the transportation industry. Because of the high demand for these roles, there are numerous openings and attractive pay.

Additionally, many jobs in the transportation sector don’t call for formal education beyond high school. But it should be remembered that most of these professions require workers to spend much time away from family.

Average Salary In Transportation

In the US, a transportation worker makes an average yearly salary of $64,000. In the U. S., a trucker earns an average annual wage of $82,000.

Apart from driving a car, this enormous industry offers several other careers, such as job positions as a transport administrator.

Though there are specific jobs that do not demand a great deal, there are several well-paying ones that must. Among these positions are;

A commercial airline pilot has the best salary position in the transportation industry. Around $130,440 is their median annual wage across the country. Some of them operate helicopters and fly for well-known airlines. Their compensation will be significantly influenced by the type of aviator and their level of schooling. They may have military flight experience, which could affect their pay.

Another well-paying profession is air traffic director, with an annual income of about $130,000. Because of how demanding their work is and how much responsibility they have. They manage the arrivals and departures of aircraft at the port and even in the airspace. With their job duties requiring continuous vigilance, they deserve this high salary. In addition, they must prevent crashes because many people’s lives depend on their ability to do so.

Marine Transportation

Tugboat Captain

The safest method for moving vast amounts of cargo is by sea. Around the world, shipping is used to move the majority of the merchandise. It is particularly true for large shipments of chemical items, liquefied petroleum gas, oil products, and diesel fuel.

Therefore, many workers are needed in maritime transportation, including salespeople, dockers, ship captains, and many more. Employers mainly in the marine transportation sector include, among others:

  • Transport businesses
  • Logistics businesses
  • Shipping businesses
  • Docking at ports
Opportunities In Marine Transportation

There is a wide range of jobs available on land and working on vessels. For example, tugboat captains are paid up to $145,000 annually and are tasked with using their cunning to help guide ships through narrow passages and direct boats out of harbors.

You also can work as a maritime transport warehouse manager, who plans routes and costs while adhering to regulations and carries out all transportation-related tasks, including financial ones.

But there are other highly paid and in-demand professions besides the two mentioned. These are pipefitting, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and many others. Moreover, a few of the occupations are extremely risky and rewarding. Therefore, you will need a graduate degree to succeed when applying for jobs in this sector.

There are hundreds of open positions in this area with loads of travel opportunities if you’re an adventurer.

For some positions, like an engineer, you must have proper qualifications. But there are many entry-level professions such as ship fitter, caterer, and others which you can begin with immediately and don’t require a post-secondary degree.

Transportation Or Logistics Jobs – Which One To Choose?

Transportation Or Logistics Jobs

Need compelling reasons to change careers and move into the transport or logistics industry? These two industries are the ones with the most rapid growth worldwide. Jobs in transport or logistics offer advantages and disadvantages, and it is challenging to say which of them is superior to the other.

Logistics is often the planning and execution of any activity. When we discuss logistics in business, it implies that logistics is just the movement of actions from the point of origin to the end of management and delivery of offerings to fit the client’s needs.

Opportunities In Transportation And Logistics

Here are a few logistics and transportation careers you might want to consider:

  • Shipping agent
  • Transportation analyst
  • Manager of procurement
  • Supply chain director
  • Logistics director
Average Salary In Transportation/Logistics

Analysts make an average of $58,902. Additional justifications for choosing a job in logistics or transportation include;

  1. Regularity and stability
  2. Flexible work schedules
  3. Fantastic networking
  4. Flexibility in terms of location and travel.

Commercial Banks

Business Development Manager

The banking sector has advantages, including highly compensated positions and a pleasant, orderly, clean workplace. And commercial banks are one of the most prominent in the banking sector.

High Salary Jobs In Commercial Banks

Governments may or may not privately own commercial banks as financial enterprises. Keeping the public’s money in storage helps the economic process. They also loan money for investments, give monthly earnings based on monthly revenue, and finance capacities and education, among other services to the public.

The jobs that pay the most in commercial banks are:

  • Manager of Business Development
  • General Manager
  • Auditor
  • Financial analyst
  • Investor banker
  • Securities broker
  • Branch supervisor
  • Financial Analyst
Opportunities In Commercial Banks

Commercial banks offer a wide variety of positions. However, the work duties these positions typically have help to categorize them. These include:

  • Careers in accounting
  • Careers in human resources
  • Public Affairs
  • Compliance jobs
  • Analytics and marketing

The promise of a steady job lifestyle with set and predictable work time, excellent healthcare coverage and insurance plans, and immediate prospects for career progression and advancements are other reasons to select a banking career.

There are several jobs, from highly trained clerks to extremely professional people, as we’ve already covered. However, to be eligible for any of the highest paying positions in financial institutions, all simply needed is an appropriate education, training, and experience.

Major Pharmaceuticals

Entry Level Pharmaceutical Jobs

You have a wide range of professional options if you have a pharmacy professional qualification.

A pharmacist helps with drug research, manufacturing, preparation, dispensing, and drug use monitoring. And because of the complexes in this industry, government offices, pharmacies, research facilities, and hospitals all employ pharmacists.

Since the qualification is typically recognized internationally, working abroad is a fantastic option for pharmacists. You can find employment at your neighborhood pharmacy or one of those numerous, well-known pharmaceutical corporations such as Major Pharmaceuticals.

Top Paying Jobs In Major Pharmaceuticals

Many entry-level positions in the pharmaceutical industry are well paid, and many pharma companies also give bonuses. These businesses are enormous, and among the highest paying positions in the pharmaceutical sector are those of pharmacology professors. To share lessons and do research, you will require a doctorate.

Another well-paying position in the pharmaceutical industry is pharmaco-epidemiologist, which focuses more on the stage of post-drug than on developing new drugs.

Some Other Career Ideas To Think About

Retail Building Materials

Operator Of Forklifts

Working in retailing provides a possibility to be employed by a company that keeps up with modern trends and customer requests. You will be capable of making a good livelihood as a function of the stable work market in your area. There are many different kinds of occupations in this industry.

Opportunities In The Retail Building Materials Sector

Here are a few positions available in retail building materials that you may want to consider:

  • Raw material engineer: A brand or raw material engineer is in charge of creating prototypes of new products, testing them, and developing new products candidates with an associate’s certificate in engineering or manufacturing are preferred, and those with relevant professional experience. To work in this industry, you’ll need two of the most crucial skills to demonstrate our product and technology innovation.
  • Construction material specifier: Choosing suitable materials for a venture is invaluable. Understanding standardized apps is necessary for the job. Specifiers frequently serve as a conduit between project team members and product manufacturers. They will be able to oversee the tasks and intergroup communications in meeting the client’s and the project’s demands.
  • Custom home builders: One of the highest paying positions in the retail building supplies industry. Development managers and supervisors are in high demand right now to speed up the development of unique homes. To work in management positions such as project leader or design team members, you must have a college certificate or diploma and some experience in construction. The income is between $78,000 and $79,000 per year, depending on region and expertise.
  • Forklift operator: Physical prowess is a need for this position because forklift operators must be strong enough to push, lift, and scoop up objects weighing up to 100 pounds. A crew member must be ready to interact with employees and communicate effectively to be productive.
  • Material estimator: They provide product takeoffs and material lists to the sales department. The estimator interacts directly with customers. They also aid in the determination of project needs and offer suggestions for specific applications and systems. On average, an estimator may anticipate making $57,000 per year.
  • Human resource professionals: These individuals are responsible for hiring and maintaining new employees along with managing the business’s finances. Excellent abilities and a desire to collaborate with others are requirements for these positions. Additionally, binding is the capacity for both verbal and written communication.

Industrial Machinery Components Sector In USA

How Many Jobs Are Available In Industrial Machinery Components

Anyone who likes to work with their hand would love the industrial equipment components industry. It’s a professional path that’s connected to numerous businesses and has the potential to be enjoyable, lucrative, and gratifying all at once.

Is Industrial Machinery A Thriving Sector In The USA?

Industrial equipment components include machines, pieces of equipment, and pieces that are utilized in manufacturing. These are essential for producing a wide range of items in several industries, including agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction, geology, textiles, food, and other industries.

It is a competitive market. Thus many makers of industrial equipment components collaborate with a partner to make the best products possible. These partners assess the raw resources to guarantee they’re of a high caliber and capable of competing worldwide.

This industry offers a wide range of employment prospects, and many individuals are in high demand due to their expertise in industrial materials.

Since this business comprises numerous sub-industries, every young person would be advised to consider a profession in industrial equipment components.

Average Salary In Industrial Machinery Components Sector

Here are some industrial machinery jobs that pay well:

  •  Powertrain specialists
  • Automation specialists
  • Sales engineers
  • Manufacturing specialists
  • Product development engineers

This field is an excellent alternative for someone looking to work in the equipment industry for various reasons. First, engineers can make a good salary of $98 000, which is crucial given the rise in new devices and robotics.

The global economy has significantly benefited from the industrial panel board, and it will remain to do so. As a result, there will always be a demand for skilled workers with bachelor’s degrees in this field.

Career Ideas – Endnote

In conclusion, having been equipped with the knowledge, fresh and recent graduates can now decide on the aspects of an industry they wish to pursue their careers in. Look out for the main requirements and try to gain skills to secure a place at your dream job.

Some jobs require certifications and degrees, while others don’t. Even without a degree, there is no need to panic. Not all jobs require degrees, but they require skills, and you may have those skills.

It’s all about having a positive attitude and continuous learning while working, whether in a private firm or at a government institution. Just keep one thing in mind. Don’t forget to research the career path you are planning to choose.